Short-term mobility

There are many advantages to international mobility: it allows you to strengthen your language skills and discover other teaching and working methods. In addition to adding real value to your profile for future recruiters, it demonstrates your ability to adapt, your autonomy and your curiosity.


Would you like to enrich your intercultural communication and discover other cultures, but don't have the opportunity to go abroad for a semester or a year?
Why not consider the idea of a short mobility program of between 5 and 30 days?

Short-term mobility under the Erasmus + program

As part of the Erasmus+ program, Aix Marseille Université offers you the opportunity to take part in a new mobility program: the Blended Intensive Programme (BIP).
This hybrid format, comprising a virtual part and a face-to-face part, enables participants to experiment with innovative teaching and learning methods, including online collaboration and research-based learning, in order to meet societal challenges.
BIPs are open to all students from the second year up to doctorate level.
As a member university and coordinator of the CIVIS alliance, Aix-Marseille Université provides access to the entire AMU community. Designed by teachers from at least 3 CIVIS member universities, these programs combine online courses with a minimum of 5 consecutive days of physical mobility in one of the 11 CIVIS universities.

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Student testimonial


Discover the testimonial of Rebeca, a Master's student at IMPGT. She took part in the "Latin America in the Global Networks" BIP!

" My BIP was split between the online sessions [...] and the week of face-to-face sessions at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
The online course was very interactive. We had to develop small presentations and do group research with our colleagues, based on the content of the session. This not only energized the course, but also enabled us to network and get to know students from other universities right from the start of the program.

During the week of activities in Madrid, we also had classes, but with cultural outings organized for teachers and students. These outings enabled us to get to know the culture, culinary specialities and life in Madrid, and also to delve deeper into the course subjects [...]. With my group, we chose to study international cooperation between the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region in France, and Costa Rica for environmental protection."

We all came from different academic backgrounds, cultures and levels of study. Learning to work with this group, considering and valuing each perspective on the same subject, was one of the main lessons. The opportunity to get to know a new country, its culture, university and fields of study broadened my professional and academic outlook. The course content gave me a more critical and interdisciplinary view of the subject, complementing my Master's degree in Public Management at Aix-Marseille University.
I also had the opportunity to work on my oral and written expression in English, and practice my Spanish. "

Short-term mobility outside the Erasmus + program

Depending on your career path, other types of mobility may be possible (field studies, conferences).
For further information on possible opportunities, please contact your course coordinator.

Short-range mobility
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