You need accommodation for your studies and/or exams. Temporary or permanent study and/or examination accommodations. An appointment will be made with the doctor. You must contact the student health service office attached to your component, either by telephone or by e-mail, and bring your (recent) medical documents with you.

  • To make an appointment, please contact the SSE on your campus.
  • Accommodations are valid for the duration of your university course, i.e. from L1 to L3, M1 to M2. Please apply as soon as possible.
  • At the same time, we ask you to make an appointment with the Mission Handicap on your campus.
  • Handicap situations and types of disability are listed below: Dyslexia, dysorthographia, dyspraxia, chronic illnesses (diabetes, crohn's disease, etc.), sensory or mental illnesses, injuries, fractures, broken arms....
  • Example of recommended exam arrangements: Increased composition time (1/3 time) Adaptation of exam subjects, Exam secretariat, Occasional loan of a laptop...
  • Example of recommendations for study facilities: Help with note-taking, Adaptation of documents (enlargement, transcription, etc.), Help with personal work (tutoring, documentary research, etc.), Photocopy card, etc.

A disability may entitle you to certain CROUS social benefits: scholarships, housing, etc. Please check with the CROUS and the doctor in charge of prevention. Please remember to send us your notification of refusal. Attestations will be sent directly to CROUS. 

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