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Liste des projets financés par l'Institut dans le cadre de l'AAP "Recherche" n°3

Projets « Recherche » 2022

L' institut a lancé un nouvel AAP "Recherche" avec pour objectif de financer des projets de recherche à hauteur de 25 000€/projet. 

Projets et Porteurs  Description

CARTHAO : CARactérisation de THrombus Aortique

Valérie DEPLANO (Laboratoires IRPHE  & IUSTI)

Thrombus is a biological material that can be considered as a multilayered, porous and inhomogeneous structure showing permeability gradients. Its role in the unfavorable or favorable evolution of vascular pathology has long been a matter of controversy. Its mechanical characteristics, and the hemodynamic mechanisms involved in its formation and evolution are all parameters that may play a part in the role of the thrombus as a predictive marker of the evolution of pathologies. Its characterization is essential to better understand its role/influence and to
propose ad hoc models in in silico simulations.

DADA - Dôme Anti-Diffraction Acoustique

Cédric PINHEDE (Laboratoire LMA)

Semi-anechoic rooms are used by manufacturers for the acoustic characterization of products. The objective of the DADA project is to prove that it is possible to realize a semi-anechoic room with an active technology. The idea is to create a full-scale functional demonstrator whose active system developed would make it possible to erase the acoustic effect of 5 walls (not the floor). This project will make it possible to create the first room with active anechoicity.

GONG - Du Tintement au Chaos

Christophe VERGEZ (Laboratoire LMA)

Non-linear dynamics is at the heart of sound production in a large variety of musical instrument. Wind instruments (flutes, brasses, woodwinds) relying on self-sustained oscillations are heavily studied at LMA with existing experimental supports. Here, we here aim at developing teaching material to highlight the non-linear behavior of structures when vibrations amplitude become large. Such structures in a musical context correspond percussion instruments such as cymbals or gongs. More precsely, focus is put on the various sounds produced by large gongs, which have proved to display a wide range of behaviours, from linear modal regime to pitch glides or even chaos and wave turbulence.


Cédric MAURY (Laboratoires LMA & IRPHE)

This project associates the complementary expertise of LMA (aero-acoustics, low frequency noise reduction), IRPHE (flow modelling and characterization) and CSIC (micro-perforated metamaterials) to investigate aero-acoustic solutions for aeronautics and wind turbine sectors: the development of slow sound metamaterials with acoustically neutral interfaces in order to achieve both flow-induced noise attenuation and low drag performance under sheared industrial flows.

MF2L - Mucus Flow For Life

Isabelle SEYSSIECQ (Laboratoire M2P2)

The aim of thid project is to determine the rheological properties of real mucus. Using a new transportable rheometer working on sample volumes as low as 70ul, we propose an exhaustive experimental characterization and a modelling of real mucus rheology in the context of improving the clearance process of patients, either suffering from chronical pathologies (severa Asthma, COPD or Cystic Fibrosis) or acute ones (such as COVID-19) that can lead to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrom.


Mitra FOULADIRAD (Laboratoires M2P2 & LMA)

The aim of this project is to initiate collaborations in the framework of stochastic modelling for fluid dynamics. Taking into account uncertainties in physical phenomenon modelling is of major importance. There exist several methods dealing with data which take into account different sources of uncertainty. In this project, the main purpose is to use stochastic processes having the physical deterministic fluid dynamic model as average and taking into account expert knowledge. The project is in the crossroad of fluid mechanics, applied mathematics and data science.
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