Guardianship Council


Composition and role

The Guardianship Councils is a committee of strategic importance. It is made up of representatives of the supervisory bodies of the research units and of the institutions to which the components, schools, etc. are attached and meets annually.

To this end, the committee : 

  1. Appoints the Director of the Institute (Scientific and Technical Manager, STN) on the proposal of the Institute Council;
  2. Validates the roadmap and its annual update;
  3. Issues an opinion and recommendations on the adequacy between the roadmap and the budget;
  4. Validates the investments for the year n+1

Composition : 

  • AMU: M. ENOCH Stefan (Principal Representative)
  • CEA: M. DELLIS Christophe (Principal Representative)
  • CNRS: Mme HARTMANN Laurence (Principal Representative)
  • ECM: M. ALONSO Miguel (Principal Representative)
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