What is the Excellence Initiative?

The A*Midex university foundation is the bearer of the Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence, winner of the national label obtained within the framework of the PROGRAMME INVESTMENTS D'AVENIR (PIA). The Idex project presented by Aix-Marseille University and its partners (CNRS, Inserm, IRD, CEA, AP-HM, Sciences-Po Aix, Centrale Marseille) was selected in February 2012 by the international jury and definitively confirmed in April 2016.

Its objective is to enhance and develop the exceptional potential of the Aix-Marseille site, by providing it with world-class research and higher education. A*Midex experiments new actions and functions as a strategic growth lever for the territory.

This ambition is translated into the following objectives:

  • Strengthen and improve our positioning as an intensive, cutting-edge research university;
  • Improving our international recognition as an institution of higher education of the highest level;
  • Increasing our economic and societal usefulness at national and international level ;
  • Strengthen our international reputation.

A*Midex's policy is based mainly - although not exclusively - on five funds serving its various objectives, in order to ensure an optimal concentration of Idex resources on the most promising projects. These five funds are: Attractiveness - Research - International - Transfer - Training.

The actions financed by the Idex go through two vectors:

  • calls for projects or calls for applications, with many projects labelled in the Units or components and partners of the Aix-Marseille site ;
  • structuring actions with the goal of transforming the academic institution, such as Aix-Marseille Université Institutes

Idex Aix-Marseille also supports the major structuring projects of the Aix-Marseille site such as the Convergence Institutes, the University Hospital Networks (RHU), the LabEx and the University Research Schools, selected within the framework of the PIA programmes. The foundation also monitors these projects.

Contact information

Aix-Marseille University
A*Midex Foundation
Jardin du Pharo - 58 bd Charles Livon 13284 Marseille Cedex 07
+33 (0)4 86 13 61 60

Deputy Vice President

Executive Director
In the process of being appointed

Céline BRÉAL - Tel: +33(0) 4 91 39 65 51 - email: celine.breal@univ-amu.fr




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