Support for professional integration

DESIU Aide à l'insertion professionnelle des étudiants

The Diploma of Higher Interuniversity Studies of Accompaniment to the Professional Insertion of Students (DESIU AIPE) aims to promote access to professional integration for young graduates in initial or continuing training.

Support for the Professional Insertion of Students (DESIU AIPE)

This diploma makes it possible to develop the skills necessary for professional integration through education linked to the world of work and individualized and reinforced support.

The SUIO of Aix-Marseille University offers you this original route to facilitate your job search.
You will integrate an intensive training of 200 hours over 3 months then you will have the opportunity to complete a 6-month internship and/or sign an employment contract related to your professional project. The courses delivered at the Saint Charles (Marseille) and Schuman (Aix-en-Provence) sites aim to:

  • Develop your professional project
  • Acquire job search tools and methodology
  • Acquire knowledge about the business world, the labour market situation
  • Improve your business English
  • Develop your communication and speaking skills
  • Develop your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Meet employment professionals (HRDs, business leaders, university institutional partners) the form of Teaching Units but also breakfasts, business conferences, job search techniques workshops...

Indicative training dates: January 2019 - March 2019 + Long-term internship or employment

Information meetings will be scheduled from June 2019 for the January 2020 promotion

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04 13 94 22 37

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