1. Bonus

2. Internships

3. Exams

4. Gap year

  • Are you a future baccalaureate holder or already a student? Are you preparing for a state or national diploma in initial training and would like to suspend your course by one or two semesters to carry out a project? Apply for a gap year!

5. Student commitment

  • If you have acquired skills, aptitudes and knowledge, whether in your discipline or across disciplines, through one of the six activities listed below and would like them to be recognised as part of your training, apply for validation of your student commitment!
  • A volunteer activity in an association outside AMU
  • A professional activity
  • A civic service commitment
  • Volunteer work in the armed forces
  • Military service in the operational reserve
  • A volunteer fireman's commitment
  • Framework for the validation of a student commitment
  • Application form for the validation of a student commitment

6. to train differently

  • I have interrupted my studies for more than 1 year (study resumption status)
  • I am an employee or a job seeker or I would like to validate my professional experience: continuing education and validation of prior learning
  • I am in a special situation (Special study regime) disability, artist or high-level athlete)
  • Free auditors

7. "Find my master

You are a Bachelor's student or a Bachelor's degree holder and you wish to enter a Master's degree?
Discover the diversity of master's courses offered by French higher education institutions. Find out about the content, recruitment schedule, application procedures, recommended degrees, intake capacities, teaching methods and training locations.
Qhat to do if you are not admitted to any Master 1?
First of all, contact the AMU's University Integration and Orientation Service:
The SUIO can help and support you in your efforts to pursue your studies (professional project, writing your cover letter).
You can then contact the rector of your academic region. Your "referral" must be made via a teleservice accessible on the national portal "".
This teleservice will be operational from 1st June 2021.
Conditions must be met to make an application:
  • You must exclusively hold the national diploma of licence.
  • You must not have received any positive response to your applications for admission to the first year leading to the national master's degree.
  • You must address your request to the rector of the academic region in which you obtained your licence diploma, through the tele-service national ( within fifteen days from :
  • either the date of obtaining your licence diploma if, on that date, you have received notification of all the decisions to refuse your applications;
  • or from the notification of the last refusal decision if it is made after the date of obtaining your licence diploma.

For more information on "Trouvermonmaster":





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