Resources and cross-cutting themes

Ressources et thèmes transverses

As part of the quality approach implemented with the European HRS4R label and to facilitate the participation of the site's teacher-researchers and researchers in European programs related to research and innovation - in particular Horizon Europe - this page centralizes information and resources within AMU to promote research and provide a better environment for the scientific community.

1. Cross-cutting themes

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Open science As a European obligation, AMU provides research and research support staff with its expertise on the challenges of open science and scientific publishing and assists them in managing their research data.

Common Documentation Service

CEDRE Project
(Training and Support Center for Research Data)

Open science news at AMU

Open access

Research data

The CEDRE project

Gender equality and the treatment of gender Gender is a cross-cutting principle in all European projects. The strengthened provisions on gender equality in Horizon Europe can be found at three different levels: eligibility, evaluation, but also as a ranking criterion for ex aequo proposals. Vice Presidency Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination
Vice Presidency of Gender Equality and the Fight against Discrimination

Gender equality plan

The ethical evaluation ensures that all research activities carried out in the framework of Horizon Europe are carried out in accordance with fundamental ethical principles.
Applicants are asked to carry out an Ethics Self-Assessment of the ethical issues potentially raised by the implementation of the project.
The Ethics Committee, a place for multidisciplinary exchanges, has the mission to accompany and advise project leaders on their scientific approach.

Ethics Committee
Ethics Committee
Protection of personal data EU-funded research projects that process personal data must comply with European and national legislation on data protection.
It is recommended to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the institution, who will be involved in all stages of the project.
Data Protection Officer
Referral to the DPO

European guide on ethics and data protection
IP and valorization of research results Applicants must describe their strategy for managing intellectual property (IP), define the ownership of results, and implement approaches to exploit or have exploited their results. Research and Valorisation Department
( and
Presentation of the innovation, development and technology transfer policy
Sustainable development Applicants may refer to the DNSH principle when presenting their research methodology and the expected impacts of the project, in order to show that they will not conduct activities that would harm the environment.
Defined by the functional Vice-President, AMU's roadmap is based on four action verbs: Raise awareness, Mobilize, Act and Collaborate.
Sustainable Development Department
Presentation of the institution's sustainable development policy
Dissemination of scientific culture and communication The scientific and technical culture unit is dedicated to sharing knowledge between science and society. It designs and develops a cultural program in which researchers from all disciplines are at the heart of the mediation mechanisms. It accompanies and supports research structures in their initiatives to disseminate scientific culture, and offers training for researchers and doctoral students. Scientific and technical culture unit

Presentation of the missions of the scientific culture unit

Presentation of the proposed support

Interdisciplinarity An approach at the heart of European policies, it is reflected in particular within AMU by the creation of institutional institutes and the implementation of an interdisciplinary mission. The latter aims to create synergies between transformative projects, to experiment with facilitating and encouraging practices, to define milestones and evaluation tools, and to share good practices within AMU and with our partners. Project Manager - Interdisciplinarity Mission

Presentation of the institutional institutes

Launch event of the interdisciplinarity mission

2. The resources

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Submitting an ERC project Through the CERCle - Club des ERC, the institutions of the Aix-Marseille site implement a shared site policy that aims to support the ERC application of researchers and research teachers. Through this mechanism, the scientific community of the site can get in touch with previous laureates, benefit from coaching, training, funding and bibliometric studies. Leader of the CERCle
Presentation of the CERCle
Submitting an MSCA project Protisvalor will provide support for the submission of MSCA projects to researchers and teacher-researchers who are members of AMU management laboratories.
Within the framework of a doctoral network, Euraxess as well as the CIVIS Alliance can be mobilized to disseminate recruitment offers.
Europe Research Unit

Horizon Europe - working documents and toolbox


Submitting a collaborative project Through its AAP4, A*MIDEX provides support to researchers and professors wishing to coordinate a collaborative project.
For laboratories under AMU management, Protisvalor will provide support for the submission of the project.
The Europe Research Unit can be mobilized to help you identify the main European players in your field, to identify previous funded projects and to define your European strategy.
European project officers( or

Horizon Europe - working documents and toolbox


Funding portal

Find a partner The Europe Research Unit can mobilize various resources and tools to help you identify partners within AMU or in other European countries. European project officers( or

Technology platform


Funding portal

Institutional institutes

Training AMU has positioned the development of skills as a strong ambition based on the development of skills and the training of agents in the evolution of professions.
Doctoral students, researchers, teacher-researchers, and technical and administrative staff can thus benefit from training provided by the institution and by partner institutions in the CIVIS alliance.
Finally, the "talent development school" project offers high-level training programs based on skills that will enable each member of the community to face future challenges

Pôle GEPPEC (personnel/EC)

Doctoral Training Directorate (Doctoral students)

Talent School Project


(doctoral students)

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