Research ethics and scientific integrity

As a doctoral student, you are involved in both training and exercising the profession of researcher.

  • Training:

Article 3, point 3, point 3 of the decree of 25 May 2016 establishing the national training framework and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma stipulates that doctoral schools "ensure that each doctoral student receives training in research ethics and scientific integrity". In this context, mandatory training has been set up one on research ethics and the other on scientific integrity in research professions. By decision of all the EDs gathered within the doctoral college, the validation of these 2 trainings will be a prerequisite for the authorization to defend your thesis (for doctoral students who started their thesis in September 2017).

  • Research:

According to the European Charter for Researchers (2005), The researchers (all persons professionally engaged in Research and Development at any stage of their career and regardless of their classification) should focus their research on the human good and theextension of the frontières scientific knowledgewhile enjoying the freedoḿ de pensée and expressionas well as the freedoḿ de déterminer the méthodes that allow the résolution of the problèmes, according to practices and principles éthiques that are recognized.

In addition, by signing the Doctoral Charter the doctoral student and his or her thesis director(s) undertake to comply with the national code of ethics for research professions signed by French higher education and research institutions and to comply with the Aix-Marseille University charter on the fight against plagiarism.

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