Registration fees, CVEC, Financial aid

Droits d'inscription, aide financière, cvec

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1. The CVEC

2. Registration fees

- Rates and fees 2023/2024

- Differentiated fees for students from outside the European Union

The payment of differentiated registration fees by non-EU students has been in force since the start of the 2022/23 academic year.
These fees amount to €2770 for a Bachelor's degree and €3770 for a Master's degree.
A partial exemption from the differentiated registration fees is applied under certain conditions.

For more information on differentiated fees at AMU and the list of countries eligible for partial exemption, click  here.

Who does this measure apply to? Read our FAQ on differential fees.

- Exchange students: you must pay registration fees at your home university.
Under certain conditions, you can apply for an individual fee waiver with your enrolling school, which will give you a file to return before October 26, 2023.

3. Accepted payment methods

"How do I pay my registration fees? Generally, payment is made online by credit card during the Administrative Registration (IA Web) process, in one or three instalments (see Step 3 ).
In person, by cheque made payable to the Aix-Marseille Université Accounting Agent.

The Crous grant allows you to be exempt from registration fees.
If your application is under review, your registration fee payment will be put on hold.
If your application is approved, you will automatically be exempted.

For alternating students, please contact your school (your registration will be put on hold for payment).

"I don't have a check or credit card" For payments over 300€, you can make a bank transfer, specifying your student number.
For payments of 300€ or less, you can pay in cash at the Agence Comptable (Palais du Pharo, Marseille). Contact your school, which will give you the procedure and a form to submit.

"I request a refund of my enrolment fees".
- if I cancel my administrative registration before September 1. After this date, reimbursement is made subject to certain criteria and deadlines.
- in the event of a change of university: transfer out or transfer in. In both cases, the new university enrolls you on a fee-exempt basis, on production of a certificate of enrolment and the transfer form from the old university.
- other cases: late decision on scholarship or exemption after payment of tuition fees.

For further information, please contact your tuition department.

4. Scholarships and emergency assistance

Registration fees
Registration fees
scholarships/financial aid
Differentiated duties/partial duty relief
Individual exemption from registration fees