Registration fees, CVEC, Financial aid

Droits d'inscription, aide financière, cvec

1. The CVEC

2. Registration fees

An individual request for exemption from tuition fees can be made, under certain conditions, to your enrolment school which will give you a file to be returned before 26 October 2021.

3. Registration fees

  • "How do I pay my registration fees?" by credit card or by cheque made out to the Accounting Officer of Aix-Marseille University
  • "I have neither a cheque nor a bank card": if your payment is greater than 300 €, you can pay by bank transfer specifying your student number / if your payment is less than or equal to 300 €, you can pay in cash at the Accounting Agency.
  • The reimbursement of registration fees is possible in certain cases:

- if I renounce my administrative registration before September 1st. After this date, the reimbursement is made under certain conditions of criteria and deadlines. For more information, please contact my department of schooling.

- if I change university (transfer in or out). In both cases, the university will exempt you from paying the fees if you produce a certificate of attendance and the transfer form.

- Other cases: late decision of scholarship or exemption after payment of registration fees. For more information, please contact my schooling

4. Scholarships and emergency aid

Documents to download
Registration fees
Registration fees
bursary/financial aid
Exemption for non-EU students
Individual exemption from registration fees