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How to get around between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence

The shuttle bus "Le CAR" N° 50 operates every day and provides a regular connection between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.
Schedules: Departure from 05:45 am to midnight (every 5 min. during rush hour).

  • 6 € one way      
  • 10 € round trip
  • 2 € with the youth pass under 26 years old (accessible only upon presentation of a La Métropole transport card)

The creation of the La Métropole transportation card

Please allow some time when you arrive to create the region's transportation card, it will allow you to access cheaper fares and/or certain online services.
The creation of the card, as well as the reloading of the card, can be done at metropolitan sales points. 

The creation of the card is free. You will be asked tofill out a form, present identification and provide a photo ID.

Caution: the card alone does not allow travel, it must be "loaded" with a ticket.
To benefit from the "Youth - 26" Profile you must be under 26 years old, present a valid ID to prove your date of birth and a photo when creating your card.

How to get to your component in Aix-en-Provence: the "Aix en bus" network

The various campuses and component sites in Aix-en-Provence are served by the Aix-en-Bus network at the following stops:

Components Bus Line Stop
ALLSH A Schuman
FDSP A Faculté
FEG 8 and M2 Parc Puget/Jourdan
Montperrin site 4 and 10 Roumanille
IEP Diabline A -
IMPGT Diabline A -
MMSH 8 Pablo Picasso

Schedules: Most bus routes stop at 10:00 pm. Find all the information on the Aix-en-Bus website.

Fares :

  • Ticket 1 Trip : 1,20 €
  • To be purchased on board the vehicle, cash payment only with top-up or on vending machines.
  • Ticket 10 trips: 9,10 € or monthly subscription 28€
    . To be purchased at the sales agency (300, avenue Giuseppe Verdi, Aix-en-Provence), at the depositories or on the vending machines.
  • Student subscription under 26 years old: 100 €/year
    . To be purchased at the commercial agency (300, avenue Giuseppe Verdi, Aix-en-Provence) or at Gare Routière

Consult the Aix-en-bus network map


How to reach your component in Marseille: the RTM

The RTM network serves the city very well with buses, subways and streetcars.

Schedules:  metro services stop on weekdays at 10:30 pm, and from Friday to Sunday nights, at 12:30 am. There are bus services at night.

Fares :

  • Ticket 1 trip : €1.70
  • Monthly subscription for those under 26 : 18,30 €
  • Annual subscription for students under 26 : 220€

Find all rates on the RTM website.

Points of sale : 
Metro stations : Castellane / St Charles / Vieux-Port / Noailles / Gèze / La Rose / Ste Marguerite / Bourse

Check out the MRT network map


Access to the main campuses in Marseille

Campus Subway Stop
St. Charles site Line 1 St. Charles Station
St. Jerome site (STAR) Line 1 Malpassé station then bus #B3A - Saint Jerome stop
Chateau-Gombert site (ETOILE) Line 1 La Rose station then bus n°B3B - Stop Polytech Marseille
Luminy Line 2 Dromel station then bus #24B or Castellane Metro or Rond-Point du Prado and bus 21
Timone Line 1 Timone Station

Bike to your component

Aix-en-Provence and Marseille have a self-service bike scheme that allows you to borrow a bike in one part of the city and drop it off in another.
Different subscription formulas exist. For more information, see the Metropole Mobility page.

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