Learn and improve your level of French

Apprendre et améliorer niveau francais

You are a foreigner and French is not your mother tongue? You wish to learn French or improve your knowledge of French? do not hesitate, come to the SUFLE in Aix-en-Provence


Our university department, the SUFLEwill welcome you for a month, a semester or an academic year, with its teachers, all specialists, ready to help you discover the richness of the French language and culture. The SUFLE proposes in particular:

For more details on the SUFLE training offer, download the SUFLE Brochure in French - English - Espanõl

1. Full-time French courses

1.1 Presentation

The SUFLE full-time French courses are aimed at all non-French-speaking foreign adults, from complete beginners to experienced users who hold a secondary school leaving exam (diploma giving access to university). They take place either over a semester or over the academic year and give access to the University Diploma (DU) in "French Language and Culture".

The training includes 18 hours per week of language courses and thematic workshops, distributed differently according to levels. Additional workshops (2 or 3 hours/week) are available as an option. At the end of each semester, students receive a transcript and can obtain a diploma (DU).

1.2 Rates 2019/2020

  • One semester*: 1450 € / Full year (2 semesters)*: 2400 €

  • Additional workshop (during the semester): 150 € (2h) or 225 € (3h)

* Reduced rates for organizations registering 10 or more people (contact us in advance)

1.3 Asylum seekers/refugees

SUFLE offers a reception and language support system with exemption (free training) for asylum seekers and refugees wishing to enter a university course at AMU. The capacity is about thirty students per semester, subject to selection on file. Only one application session per year is organised in June.
- See the document "Refugee / asylum seeker file".

1.4 Procedures, timetable and practical information

For all the practical information on how these courses are run, visit the Full-Time Training page.

2. Intensive winter and summer courses

2.1 Presentation of the courses

2.1.1. Summer courses

Summer intensive courses are open to any non-French-speaking foreign adult who has obtained an equivalent of the French Baccalaureate (exam giving access to university), or any higher diploma. They are intended for French learners from beginner level (with at least A1 level acquired, complete beginners are not accepted) to advanced level. Each session includes:

  • 20h/week of French language classes (general FLE) and thematic workshops
  • Visits and excursions to the city of Aix-en-Provence and the region
  • 20 students maximum per group

Rates 2019/2020 :

  • 825 € (3 weeks)
  • Reduced rates for groups (more than 10 people) or multiple registrations (several courses in the summer).

2.1.2. Winter internships

Every year, SUFLE organizes intensive winter course of 2 or 3 weeks, in January and March. The internship includes:

  • 20h/week of course: 4 hours of language course (including French culture and civilization).

Rates 2019/2020 :

  • 2 weeks: 500€
  • 3 weeks: 825€ (or 700€ without excursion)

2.2 Modalities, timetable and practical information

For more practical information on how these courses are run, visit the SUFLE Internships page.

3. Evening classes

3.1 Presentation

These courses are open to all non-French speaking adults (students, employees or other), holders of at least the equivalent of a bachelor's degree (high school diploma).

  • They take place over 10-week sessions
  • They concern beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Note: SUFLE also offers evening courses for students in international exchange programs, which give rise to 6 ECTS credits. For more information, contact us.

3.2 Rates 2019/2020

  • 250 € (20 hours of lessons).
    50 € discount for AMU users.

3.3 Procedures, timetable and practical information

For all the practical information on how these courses are run, visit the evening classes page.

4. other training courses

4.1 Courses proposed to organizations/groups

Upon specific request by organizations (universities outside AMU, agencies, companies...), courses can be organized by the SUFLE during the academic year. Contact us for more information.

4.2 Courses for students in AMU components

  • SUFLE organizes "tailor-made courses" for AMU components (mainly Masters), during the academic year or summer. For any information on these courses, contact the SUFLE.
  • Courses for doctoral students are also organised in two sessions per year (from November to February and from April to June). For more information, see the doctoral college training page (French as a foreign language).

4.3 Training of trainers

SUFLE offers training courses for trainers for teachers of French abroad who wish to improve their practices in different areas of French language teaching. See the Training of trainers of SUFLE page.

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