Integration events for exchange students

Welcome to the page dedicated to the integration of international exchange students. Every year, the International Relations Department of Aix-Marseille University organizes integration activities for students who come for a semester or a full year exchange.

Integration program

Each year, Aix-Marseille University welcomes more than 700 exchange students from all over the world. It is traditional that before the start of each academic year, activities are organized to ensure that the students are well integrated into their university environment as well as into the region.

Integration week

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During the first semester, an integration week is organized by the International Relations Department. Students are invited every morning to attend free intensive French classes and to participate in cultural and social activities every afternoon.
The objective of these few days is to allow international students who have just arrived in France to discover the different services of the university and to familiarize themselves with the campuses and the area where they will be living throughout their stay at AMU.

Welcome evening

In October, the International Relations Department, in collaboration with the Culture and Society Department, organizes a welcome evening for all students at the University. A special time before the evening is devoted to more than a hundred international students, who gather for a cocktail. A highlight of the new academic year, it reflects AMU's desire to honor and facilitate the integration of French and international students in a friendly musical atmosphere.

Conviviality activity

In the second semester, a day of conviviality is organized to allow new exchange students to meet each other and those from the previous semester to get together!

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