Institute NeuroMarseille

Gathering research and training in neuroscience to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Understanding the development, organization and functioning of the brain is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Marseille is particularly well prepared for this task thanks to its unique expertise in France, covering all levels of analysis, from molecular and cellular approaches to cognitive psychology and behavioral sciences. The 10 research laboratories, the School of Neurosciences (NeuroSchool), the University Hospital (AP-HM) and biotechnology companies have joined forces to increase the attractiveness of the university, international collaborations, interdisciplinarity, links with the clinical and industrial world and the integration of students into professional life. NeuroMarseille aims to interact with citizens and to address current challenges, in order to frame the present in a historical perspective to invent the future.


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Pascale Durbec


Case 907, Parc Scientifi que de Luminy
13288 Marseille Cedex 09 | FRANCE

Institute NeuroMarseille - NEUROMARSEILLE
Cognition, Behavior
Development, Epilepsy, Imaging
Neurodegenerative diseases
Neuronal networks, Therapy, Aging
Pascale Durbec