Institute for Changing Societies in the Mediterranean (SoMuM)

On the site of Aix-Marseille Université, the institute covers a vast disciplinary field in the humanities and social sciences with the support of an international network of scientists and socio-economic and cultural actors, all of whom are specialists in the Mediterranean as an observatory of global challenges.

The Institute for Changing Societies in the Mediterranean (SoMuM) is an institute ofAix-Marseille Université. It federates the disciplinary strengths of Aix-Marseille Université in Mediterranean studies and reinforces their international influence. At the crossroads of research and training, SoMuM provides keys to understanding the changes in societies, past, present and future, around the Mediterranean, from Europe to Africa and the Middle East. It brings together anthropologists, demographers, economists, geographers, historians, art historians, lawyers, philosophers, philologists, political scientists and sociologists.

Among SoMuM's missions is the reinforcement of a Mediterranean studies curriculum in the Humanities and Social Sciences, at the Master's and Doctorate levels. The Institute also aims to promote innovative research (concepts, tools, methods) around three scientific axes: "Transitions, sustainable destabilization and crises", "Dynamics, circulations and cultural legacies", "Territorial recompositions and interactions". A close collaboration is set up in order to involve master students, doctoral students, international partners and socio-economic and cultural actors. Finally, SoMuM has set itself two challenges: to develop employability in the Humanities and Social Sciences and to think about foresight in an interdisciplinary perspective.

Structured into four poles (1. Steering 2. Training 3. Research 4. Transversal and intersectoral), SoMuM brings together 281 staff members from the Aix-Marseille Université perimeter (researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians, and administrative staff), belonging to eleven research units. Three components(MMSH, FDSP, ALLSH) and two doctoral schools(ED355, ED67) are involved in training (Master's, doctorate) and research activities.


The Societies in Change in the Mediterranean (SoMuM) institute brings together twelve research teams

Gilles Gaston Granger Center (CGGG, UMR 7309) Norbert Elias Center(CNE, UMR 8562)
International, Comparative and European Law (DICE, UMR 7318) Institute of Mediterranean, European and Comparative Ethnology (IDEMEC, UMR 7307)
Institute of African Worlds(IMAF, UMR 8171) Institute for Research and Studies on Arab and Muslim Worlds (IREMAM, UMR 7310)
Mediterranean Center for Sociology, Political Science and History(MESOPOLHIS, UMR 7064) Laboratory of Economics and Sociology of Work(LEST, UMR 7317)
Population Environment Development Laboratory (LPED, UMR 151)

Time, Space, Language, Southern Europe - Mediterranean(TELEMME, UMR 7303)

Paul-Albert Février Center(TDMAM, UMR 7297) Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music (PRISM, UMR 7061)


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Sylvie Mazzella, Director

Chloé Chatelin, project manager


5 rue du Château de l'horloge
13090 Aix-en-Provence | FRANCE

societies, territories
transition, crises
Humanities and Social Sciences
Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East, Europe
circulations, inheritances