Institute for Mediterranean Archaeology - ARKAIA

At Aix-Marseille Université, archaeology is an area of excellence recognised for several decades both nationally and internationally, supported by actions centred on the entire Mediterranean area. The institute of Mediterranean Archaeology (ARKAIA) is therefore designed as a pole of convergence of research skills and training capacity in archaeology, understood in its broadest sense, as well as in archaeological sciences, in the Mediterranean from prehistory to recent times.

The institute of Mediterranean Archaeology is based on the synergy of material and human resources set within the archaeology laboratories of the Mediterranean social science centre. The institute cooperates with teams that develop innovative approaches in bio- and geosciences (dating, environments, chemistry...), archaeology of death and biological anthropology, as well as laboratory resources in the field of engineering sciences and techniques.


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Jean-Christophe Sourisseau


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Institute for Mediterranean Archaeology - ARKAIA
Antiquity, Archaeology, Archaeometry, Archaeothanatology
Big Data, Bioarchaeology, Diachrony
Classical studies, Middle Ages, Numerical tools,
Paleoenvironment, Prehistory
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