High level artists

Artistes de haut niveau

You are a "high level artist" and you wish to study at Aix-Marseille University

Some students who cannot devote themselves full-time to pursuing their studies may apply for a RSE* (Special Study Scheme) allowing them to make "legal" adjustments:

  • Benefit from a long-term study plan,
  • Be a priority in the choice of TD and TP groups for better time management,

Some students may also obtain special  conditions granted by the component at the student's request **.For more information, you can consult the following documents:


Please note: the granting of this regime is not automatic. It is reserved for students whose strong involvement in an artistic activity could justify a study plan. Eligibility for the status will be assessed by the "High Level Artists" Commission.

* These provisions are not retroactive.
** The study arrangements are the responsibility of each component according to the pedagogical organization of the training courses.

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