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1. The teams of the site are mobilized at the European level against the Coronavirus.

AMU is participating in two projects launched by the Joint Technology Initiative "Innovative Medicine" (IMI JU) dedicated to the development of diagnostics and therapies against VIDOC-19 (see call site and IMI press release) out of the eight selected projects:

  • KRONO: "Evaluation of a production ready portable, Point-of-Nedd Platform (instrument and reagents), direct from nasal swab test for the molecular diagnostic detection of COVID-19 infection", Collaborative project coordinated by Rémi Charrel (UVE)
  • CARE: "Coron Accelerated R&D in Europe", collaborative project involving Bruno Canard (AFMB).

The site's teams are also involved in three of the 17 projects selected in the 'Coronavirus' call, launched in response to the epidemic by the European Commission:

  • SCORE: "Swift COronavirus therapeutic REsponse", Collaborative Research Project of the "Health" Challenge, Bruno Canard (AFMB).
    CONVAT :In "Combating 2019-nCoV: Advanced Nanobiosensing platforms for POC global diagnostics and surveillance". In "Combating 2019-nCoV: Advanced Nanobiosensing platforms for POC global diagnostics and surveillance", Rémi Charrel and Bruno Coutard (UVE).
  • RiPCoN: "Rapidinteractionprofilingof2019-nCoVfornetwork-baseddeepdrug-repurposelearning", Collaborative research project of the "Health" Challenge, Christian Brun (TAGC) - Managed by INSERM

The European Commission has also published a summary of the projects supported since H2020 related to this epidemic. In particular, there are three projects carried out by the UVE team: The European Virus Archive - GLOBAL (EVA-GLOBAL) project coordinated by this laboratory and the two projects in partnership with the CEREGE. PREPARE and ZAPI.

Reminder: The EC has created a page dedicated to Coronavirus news on the Funding Portal - the European Research Area (ARA) Corona Platform


2. H2020 results in the first half of 2020

AMU's participation in the H2020 projects continues to grow in this last year of the framework programme.
Nearly 20 projects have been accepted in this last year of the framework programme, including three new projects coordinated by an AMU team:

  • Four Marie Sklodovka Curie (ETN) Doctoral Network projects, including one project coordinated by AMU:
    - IN2PrimatBrains, coordinated by Bjork Kilavik and Thomas Brochier, INT.
    - REPAIRS, led by Reinoud Bootsma, ISM and with the participation of Thierry Chaminade, INT.
    - COPERMIX, worn by Bloën Metzger, IUSTI
    - ASTROTECH, worn by Christophe Bernard, INS
  • Two IMI projects on the CORONAVIRUS: KRONO and CARE
  • VPP4ISLANDS, Collaborative Project (Innovation Action) of the Energy Challenge, coordinated by Seifeddine Ben Elghali, LIS.
  • LINCS, a new project supported to organize the "European Researchers' Night", carried out by the Scientific Culture Unit, Research and Development Directorate.
  • Within the internal calls of the FET Flagship "Human Brain Project" (SGA3), where AMU participates via Viktor Jirsa, INS; two projects in response to the internal call were accepted:
    - NetScovery, a collaborative project carried for the AMU part by Andrea Brovelli, INT.
    - MOBILE, Collaborative project carried for the AMU part by Maxime Guye, CRMBM
  • MEATRACK, Collaborative Project launched in the framework of the call of the European project TETRAMAX involving Khalifa Aguir, IM2NP
  • DRES2Market, a collaborative project of the Energy Challenge, led by Sadruddin Benkadda, PIIM
  • M-ONE, a project launched in the framework of the European Council for Innovation (EIC -FET Proactive), led by Marc Dubois, Fresnel Institute.
    See the Press Release.
  • Two Health Challenge projects on the CORONAVIRUS: SCORE and CONVAT
  • BIOFMET, EMPIR Project (European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research), led by Pierre Sabouroux, Fresnel Institute
  • ADDOVenum, Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Project, Renaud Vincentelli, AFMB
  • Inividual Fellowship Scholarships Marie Sklodovska Curie:
    - Bubble, carried by Marion Fourquez with Dominique Lefevre as supervisor at the MIO.
    - CYCLOCARB, worn by Olivier Cartapanis with Laurence Vidal from CEREGE as supervisor.

More information on these projects: protisvalor-cellule-europe@univ-amu.fr


3. Summary of AMU's internal "Europe" training courses in the 1st half of 2020

(sygefor recording)

  1. Participating in the European Research and Innovation Programme and adopting the right reflexes at AMU: Towards the Horizon Europe Programme (4 hours, at a distance
    Objective: To make the public of researchers/research teachers and research support staff who accompany teams in submitting European research projects aware of European funding opportunities for research and innovation and to familiarise them with the services and actions implemented at universities to support them in their efforts.
    4-hour session in video, limited to 10 people.
    - Session dedicated to beginners / SHS specialization, 23 June 2020, 13h30-17h30.Full session.
    - Advanced session (prior knowledge of the Horizon 2020 programme essential): 29 June 2020, 13h30-17h30 and 7 July 2020, 13h30-17h30. Registration: Full session for June but there are still places available for the July session:
    Register here.
  2. The European Research and Innovation Programme: Towards Horizon Europe and the procedures for submitting collaborative projects (2 days).
    Enable AMU staff to become familiar with the tools and the European research and innovation programme - H2020 then Horizon Europe - in order to strengthen their participation in this programme - Get to know the future Horizon Europe framework programme and the tools put in place by the EC and familiarise themselves with the organisation and services set up at AMU to strengthen participation in the programmes . 12 hour(s) over 2 day(s).
    Training awaiting reprogramming.
  3. The "Europe" training courses dedicated to doctoral students are available on ADUM.


Current programming: the last year of the H2020 program

Calls for proposals are listed on the Funding Tender portal (European Commission website).
The work programmes under the special call linked to the European Green Deal, expected in the second half of 2020, are available on request (submission early 2021).

In view of the wealth and diversity of news on European calls for proposals and calls for tender, these are sent by e-mail to the Europe thematic mailing lists.
The DRV is at your disposal to ensure this targeted monitoring for the benefit of the researcher and the Units of the site.

If you wish to find AMU partners for your H2020 collaborative projects or if you wish to come to AMU in the framework of European programmes (Marie Sklodovska Curie Actions, ERC projects), the Research and Development DepartmentAMU's office in Brussels and Protisvalor's European Contracts Department are at your disposal.


Our H2020 projects

The university teams are mobilizing on the European H2020 calls.
To date, 101 projects have been accepted, for more than €65.8 million in grants obtained. As the Horizon 2020 programme has entered its final year, these results are a clear improvement compared to the FP7 programme, exceeding the budgets obtained under the previous programme (€36.6 million in grants obtained over the entire framework programme).
More information on the ongoing projects: protisvalor-cellule-europe@univ-amu.fr

Furthermore, AMU confirms its place as the leading French university in the H2020 "Health" programme and its 2nd place as a French university in terms of the amount of grants obtained.

Graphique H2020

Aix Marseille has 38 laureates hosted in a unit of the site as part of the Horizon 2020 ERC programme.
More information on these winners, their projects and publications: HAL CERCle pages
and page The CIRCLE.


The site's initiatives to strengthen participation in the programme

To better accompany you in your steps

Would you like to collaborate with a team from the Aix Marseille site within the framework of research programs? Are you looking for scientific, technical or technological skills? You wish to come to AMU with European funding (research mobility programmes or ERC)?
Contact:protisvalor-cellule-europe@univ-amu.fr(Protisvalor's European contracts service).

Resources :
- List of labeled Platforms on the territory of Aix-Marseille by competence:
- List of search units : https://www.univ-amu.fr/fr/public/les-unites-de-recherche

Reinforce the participation of the site's research teams

The university has set up an ambitious and proactive policy to support the scientists of the establishment to participate in this programme, led by the Directorate of Research and Development with the assistance of the AMU representative office to the European institutions in Brussels and the Protisvalor subsidiary on engineering and management of Horizon 2020 projects.
Structural measures and incentives, focused on training, teaching service modulations and HR measures have been put in place within AMU to encourage and develop European research programmes.

Building on our successes at ERC

AMU is leading theThe Circle InitiativeEuropean Research Council Laureates' Club of the Aix-Marseille sitein conjunction with the partners of the Aix-Marseille site, in order to promote a site policy to support applications from teacher-researchers and researchers to the ERC (European Research Council) programme, a strong marker of scientific excellence.


Towards Horizon Europe

In June 2018, the European Commission published its proposal for the "Horizon Europe" framework programme, with a budget of almost €100 billion. The examination of this programme, which is crucial for the future of the European research and innovation landscape, will continue until the European elections in June 2019 and beyond.

The university community of Aix-Marseille, involved since its creation in the various European framework programmes, is a driving force for proposals contributing to the quality, competitiveness and attractiveness of the European research and innovation landscape.

AMU has formulated in November 2018 a "Position Paper" which you can find here: inFrenchand inEnglish...to take part in the debates.

For more information, please click here: AMU summary document on the proposal for Horizon Europe (Updated September 2019). Other internal summary documents are available on request.

Contacts :

  • Céline Damon, Head of Promotion and Strategy Europe Horizon 2020
  • Karl Stoeckel, Head of Representation to the European Institutions


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