Grading system

The ECTS system

Courses are divided into semesters and course units (UE). Course units are worth a certain amount of ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). Credits can be capitalised. 

The ECTS system guarantees the academic recognition of studies abroad.
As an exchange student at Aix-Marseille University, this system allows you to obtain credits during your stay at our universities and to have them recognised once back home. Vice versa, as a student of Aix-Marseille University, if you go on exchange, you will be able to validate the credits you obtained abroad.

This recognition is ensured by:
- The implementation before your departure of a study program approved bilaterally by the home and host institutions. This programme clearly indicates the ECTS credits that you will obtain after you have passed all the tests (exams, assessment, etc.).

- A transcript of records clearly presenting the academic results obtained, which can be transferred from one institution to another.

grading system
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