Find an internship

Trouver un stage

A search for an internship cannot be improvised. It is necessary to organize your actions. Start by targeting the objective of your internship: discover a sector, consolidate your skills, aim for a future job...

1. introduction

Don't forget that your steps and meetings are all stepping stones for your future professional integration. Once the objective of your internship has been defined:

  • Access the "AMU internship offers" on IPro (reserved for students from Aix-Marseille University)
  • Activate and expand your networks. Let your family, social, friendly, study acquaintances know that you are looking for an internship in order to be informed of an opportunity.
  • Consult company directories whatever the professional sector, there are some for each branch of activity. Kompass is the reference directory that lists many companies.
  • Other resource sites :
    • Chambers of Trade
    • Professional unions
    • Chamber of Commerce and Industry - CCI
    • Chambers of agriculture
    • General advice
    • Regional institutions
    • Departments
    • Employers' unions....
  • Participate in events organized by the university:
    • Forums and forums
    • Professional meetings
    • Events are also organized by your Faculty - School - Institute.

Unsolicited applications remain an excellent way to obtain an internship, provided that you have identified your contact person and written your CV and cover letter.

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