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The university has set up a pedagogical self-positioning tool for teachers and teacher-researchers, for their personal use. This grid is based on AMU's university teaching skills reference framework, which was approved by the Commission de la Formation et de la Vie Universitaire on 12 June 2014.

You can retrieve this grid in this document. For each of the targets of the AMU teacher training framework (first column) and with the help of the levels described, the teacher identifies the level that best corresponds to his or her practice. It is possible that the level may vary from one target to another, particularly during the first few years of the fiscal year. Sometimes it is difficult to locate one's practice between two levels; in this case, retain the lower level.

  • Level 3 is the one to aim for first.
  • Level 4, described on the grid, reflects both the teacher's expertise and the trust that may have been placed in him or her to assume certain responsibilities within the component or institution.

The grid thus completed allows you to personally identify your strengths (levels 3 and 4) and your priority training needs (levels 1 and 2). By using it periodically, everyone can observe the progress of their teaching skills.

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