Doctoral disability contract

The Disability Doctoral Contracts Campaign concerns students with disabilities who have a thesis project and are beneficiaries of the compulsory employment obligation (B.O.E).

The 2021-2024 campaign should open very soon.

Assembly of the file

Students interested in applying for a job must contact the Student Life Centre, which will assist them in putting together their application. The documents can be downloaded (see "Documents to download" block).

Attention : The provisional deadline for submission to the PVE is set for the week of 22 March 2021.

Application file

  • Standard MESRI file with the opinion of the thesis director, the reasoned opinion of the director of the host laboratory, the reasoned opinion of the director of the doctoral school and the President of the university - available soon
  • The detailed thesis project
  • A curriculum vitae to evaluate the quality of your training in relation to your thesis project
  • A copy of a diploma (master's degree or equivalent) allowing enrolment in a doctoral school,
  • Copy of the corresponding transcripts
  • Notification of decision by the RQTH or copy of the letter of acknowledgement of receipt of the application file with the MDPH or other supporting document.
Contact information

Contact Student Life Center : Béatrice Delorge

Contact DRV:
Email :

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