COVID 19 News - International Mobility

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Since June 30, 2021, AMU has once again opened up the possibility for staff and students to travel internationally, in line with the national strategy of reopening borders. AMU is thus giving a new impetus to training and research activities.

Although the health situation related to COVID-19 makes cross-border travel more difficult, it is once again possible to go on an international mission or student mobility. The conditions and procedures to reach your destination vary from one country to another.

>>> Consult the website of the Ministry of the Interior to keep up to date with the latest government guidelines for traveling abroad <<<

Since June 30, you can travel abroad to:

  • Metropolitan France and DOM-TOM
  • European area
  • Rest of the World with FSD notice

A classification of countries (green, orange) has been defined based on health indicators.

  • Green" countries: countries where no active circulation of the virus has been observed and where no variant of concern has been identified
  • Orange" countries: countries/territories where active virus circulation is observed in controlled proportions.

Find out in advance about the conditions of entry and the health rules to be respected in the country where you wish to travel.

>>> Consult the page of the Ministry of the Interior to know the classification of countries <<<