CIPE training modules - register

1. Sregister for a CIPE training module

To register for the modules, you must use the SYGEFOR application using your ENT IDs:

  • Go to SYGEFOR AMU website
  • Select the category Teachers/Teachers-Researchers
  • When you first connect, you will need to update your personal information
  • The responsible section must be filled in even if the request for authorization to follow a placement by a teacher is optional. In case you do not wish to request this authorization, enter your own email address
  • The training courses scheduled by CIPE begin with: CIPE + module title (ex: CIPE - Didactics Science sector)

For any questions about training or registration, contact Sonia Amoros directly by email.

2. the CIPE training modules

Pedagogical practices: analyses and methodology

Analysis of pedagogical practices 16 h
Learning and teaching practice 12 h
Facilitate a lecture course in amphitheatre to encourage student engagement in learning 12 h

Didactics in Science
Didactics in Humanities and Social Sciences


Group work management 12h
Training engineering 8h
Integrate documentary methodology into his teaching 3h

Active Pedagogics

Learning by problem level 1 14 h
Learning by problem level 2 12 h
Learning by project 18 h
Teaching in reverse class 6h

Supporting learning

Tutoring in the implementation of lessons 12h
Communication and group dynamics 8h
Support students in their work methodology - MTU 8h
AMeTICE - Accompany your classroom course with online resources with AMeTICE 3h
AMeTICE - Manage groups/groups and evaluate students with educational activities 3h
efoliAM - Electronic Portfolio: discover the efoliAM tool for creating e-portfolios 3h
Manage student projects online with AMeTICE 3h
Writing your course online with Opal (Scenari) 3h
Support for foreign and international students 12h

Evaluate learning

Level 1 Assessment - How to assess student learning? 8h
Level 2 Evaluation - How to evaluate to improve student learning? 8h
Level 3 evaluation - How to evaluate to support? 8h
AMeTICE - Evaluating Students Online: Homework Activity 3h
AMeTICE - Evaluating your students online: Test activity 3h
AMeTICE - Evaluate your students online: Workshop Activity 3h
Building MCQs - Workshop 4h

Program approach and competency-based approach

Programme and Competence Approaches: definition, key concepts, development and implementation steps 3h
Formulate skills 3h
Ensure the quality of a training path through pedagogical alignment 3,5h
Evaluating students in a competency-based approach - Workshop 4h
The Portfolio: use in the construction of learning, the evaluation of prior learning and the validation of competencies 3h
efoliAM - Electronic Portfolio: design and use an electronic portfolio as part of a training programme 3h
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