The interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach called for at the site should enable a better understanding of contemporary phenomena in all their complexity, and position the site's teams to mobilize complementary funds. The A*Midex initiative of excellence intends to encourage risk-taking in order to bring out resolutely innovative projects that promote paradigm shifts and the bringing together of disciplines, and that can find their place in the site's ecosystem in terms of training and research. The aim is to encourage the emergence of new projects, likely to be the subject of a response to generic calls, like the majority of calls funded by the foundation.

1.    Risk-taking, structuring and raising of dedicated funds

Great scientific advances involve some risk-taking. By supporting, through calls for projects, cutting-edge, disciplinary or interdisciplinary research that is integrated into its environment, the A*Midex Foundation contributes to the emergence of innovative science, able to respond to the societal challenges of the present and the future.
The "Emergence & Innovation" call for projects fully encourages risk-taking in the context of scientific approaches engaged in unexplored research fields: to bring out new knowledge and identify the potential impact, fundamental and/or applied.

2.    Accompanying capacities to respond to calls for projects

The A*Midex Excellence Initiative also intends to continue its actions to develop the culture
of excellence among the entire site community: this will involve fostering the conditions for responding to national and international calls for projects and mobilizing the capacity to respond to them, particularly from units not attached to Institutes, among young researchers or first-time applicants from the site and young hospital-university staff in a dedicated manner.

3.    Accompanying potentially promising projects

 The "Incubator of Excellence" call for projects encourages seed projects for the benefit of disciplinary or    interdisciplinary research: stimulating innovative, creative, collaborative and high-quality initiatives in order to strengthen the capacity of teams to respond to national and international calls for projects.

4.    Interface with international policies

The A*Midex initiative of excellence is also required to coordinate responses and concerted actions of the
Aix-Marseille site within the framework of the UDICE9 network to respond specifically to the Priority Research Programs launched the framework of the France 2030 recovery plan (Hydrogen,Quantum...), as well as with structuring platforms, such as AGIR (French Network of Advanced Study Institutes) or ATHENA, which work to structure and internationalize the Humanities and Social Sciences.


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