Car-sharing and TOTEM

Auto-partage et Totem

1. Car-sharing

Car-sharing is a network of self-service cars available to its members. This system offers a number of services and corresponds perfectly to the occasional driver, living in the city centre and using mainly public transport or walking. Here are some examples of services offered:

  • A service available 24 hours a day,
  • Car-sharing stations throughout the city,
  • The choice of car model,
  • The possibility to book for one hour or more,
  • Self-service access with a personal badge.

Citiz en Provence: it is a consumer cooperative company offering a car-sharing service in the cities of Marseille and Avignon. Very easy to use service, via their website and a magnetic card to access the vehicles freely. It has many different brands of vehicles and types ranging from small electric Smart cars to pick-ups.

2. Totem

TOTEM mobi is a Marseille-based start-up whose eponymous service facilitates the individual mobility of everyone, in the city centre and peri-urban areas, 24 hours a day, in addition to public transport.

How it works

TOTEM Mobi deploys a fleet of self-service Renoult Twizy vehicles available in blue areas (Marseille Centre, Pointe Rouge and Saint-Barnabé) and on satellite stations (Kedge Luminy, Renault Valentine, etc.).

In the blue zones, parking is free and open. Satellite stations are installed in shops, companies and administrations that wish to facilitate access for their customers and employees.

The subscription

TOTEM mobi can be used with the Transpass RTM badge (free), with a Zou! (SNCF) or with a ToTEM mobi badge (10€). 4 € per month of subscription fees then sliding scale rate for rentals from 15 hours. Parking is free of charge.

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