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The Pepite Provence Entrepreneurship Center offers students of all levels and fields of study (but also teacher-researchers and administrative staff) the opportunity to discover entrepreneurship, develop new skills and develop a business idea or project during their studies through an annual shared program of events, schemes and training.
Pepite Provence is a consortium led by Aix-Marseille University and made up of the main higher education institutions in the Bouches-du-Rhône and Vaucluse: the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers, the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne, Sciences Po Aix, the Ecole Centrale de Marseille, the University of Avignon and the Rectorat d'Aix Marseille.


1. presentation of the PEPITE Provence business cluster

The PEPITE Provence Entrepreneurship Cluster aims to :

  • To inform about entrepreneurship
  • To make students aware of this route to professional integration.
  • To train students on the methodology of entrepreneurial projects.
  • To accompany, support and enhance the value of students wishing to develop an idea, a project or a company.

Why a PEPITE Provence Entrepreneurship Cluster?

The Entrepreneurship Cluster is the result of the will to build a coherent and ambitious university policy linked to entrepreneurship that :

  • Facilitates the professional integration of our students by revealing and developing their talents. Entrepreneurship and innovation are powerful vectors of professional insertion for our graduates; they enable them to acquire essential skills for their future professional life. Our ambition is that each student should be at least minimally aware of entrepreneurship, and that he or she should also benefit, if he or she so wishes, from an adapted training programme enabling him or her to develop a project from conception to completion.

  • Contributes to the dynamism of the economic fabric by enriching it with skills related to autonomy, innovation, decision-making and leadership. In the medium term, the objective is to be able to "boost" entrepreneurial initiatives at the University in order to give birth to new wealth-bearing structures on our territory.

Whatever the discipline or field of study, the opportunity offered to a student to work on a company project, even if this project does not succeed, is a particularly effective way of learning to quickly understand and assimilate the economic realities and to prepare for a successful professional integration. More broadly, AMU's entrepreneurial career path enables students to take an active part in their professional career, whatever the career they are considering. In the years to come, more and more individuals will go through entrepreneurial phases and changes in status. Entrepreneurship is a real opportunity for personal and professional openness that every student should be able to exploit.

2. entrepreneurial spirit are you there?

The entrepreneurial spirit is partly the result of family and/or cultural representations, but can also be the result of an awareness and/or learning transmitted during studies. The desire to awaken and train all students in our establishment to entrepreneurship, whatever their profile, is then conceived as a path comprising several appointments to which the student will be invited throughout his course.

Discover the portraits :


Creating the spark, saying "yes, it's possible" or simply better understanding the business world: these are the cluster's objectives in terms of raising awareness.
For this purpose, a program of events is proposed by PEPITE Provence throughout the year.

Such as :



This participation can be rewarded for Aix Marseille University students by obtaining the Creativity and Entrepreneurship bonus.


If you are already informed and "sensitized" you can enroll in one of the institution's training courses entirely dedicated to entrepreneurship. Most of the Bachelor's courses will offer an awareness module dedicated to entrepreneurship (free EU, with in most cases an ECTS issued after the student has obtained the module) requiring personal work outside the institution.


In addition to the awareness and training schemes, students wishing to set up their own business will be able to benefit from support tailored to their needs through a number of schemes.

This support service will concern both projects for the valorisation of research and those related to emerging activities. The PEPITE Provence Entrepreneurship Cluster also facilitates networking with the economic world. Among the EP's support measures, each student can benefit from :


  • The support of our incubators to promote technological innovation
  • Partner support for emerging activities


3. national status of the student-entrepreneur

The national student-entrepreneur status allows students and recent graduates to develop an entrepreneurial project in a PEPITE. The "student-entrepreneur" establishment diploma (D2E) accompanies the student-entrepreneur status: it allows students to carry out their project with maximum security and visibility.

-> The National Student Entrepreneur Status


4. procedures to follow

4.1. I wish to acquire new skills

The aim is to develop skills (taking initiative, project management, creativity, autonomy, openness to the world, teamwork) to undertake and acquire competencies to manage one's professional career.

  • I register for the SUIO "entrepreneurship" workshops
  • I am an EU of awareness
  • I take part in the 36h Chrono or the Entrepreneurships

4.2. I wish to follow a training in entrepreneurship

Are you ready to go further? Do you want to learn about entrepreneurship? AMU has a training offer that meets this need. A range of training courses entirely dedicated to business creation.

  • The DU " Becoming an Entrepreneur "
    -> Website
  • The Master's Degree in "business creation for small and medium-sized companies".
    News to come

4.3. I wish to create my company

  • I have an idea that I would like to validate, I feel ready to go further and create my own work tool?
  • I make an appointment with the Pepite Provence Entrepreneurship Cluster to define my objectives and my needs.
  • I take part in practical workshops organized by pepite provence LIEN ESPACE PEPITE
  • I subscribe to the newsletter PEPITE Provence to be informed of all the events organized on my territory NEWSLETTER LINK

5. creativity and entrepreneurship bonus

The "Creativity and Entrepreneurship" bonus offered by the PEPITE Pole of SUIO d'AMU is divided into 2 categories:

  • Participation in a creativity or entrepreneurship game (offered throughout the year)
  • EU registration "Developing Entrepreneurship" (2nd semester)

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6. partners