AMU INFO - Special COVID19 - n°6

Newsletter from the President of Aix-Marseille University to the entire university community.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020,

Dearly beloved,

While home confinement has been extended in France until 15 April by the Government and the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic is announced for the next few days on our territory, I once again ask you to scrupulously respect the health and social distancing instructions that are required. The lives of all our fellow citizens in general and of some of us in particular are at stake.

We are beginning a third week of unprecedented university life, both for the 80,000 AMU students and for all the colleagues in the AMU community. I'm counting on all of you to continue our actions in a way that is as positive as those we have collectively deployed since the beginning of the crisis.

We are attentive these last few days to come to the aid of the most isolated among us and those who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives. I invite you to read our news, not to hesitate to call on the aid measures that the university teams are putting in place and to keep a positive and confident spirit, always in the maximum respect of vital instructions.
Take great care of yourself,


1. Solidarity and urgent actions for the carers and rescue teams

  • A call on social networks this weekend helped to consolidate and extend an aid from Aix-Marseille University to the AP-HM, for the benefit of healthcare workers who are on the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Thanks to some fifty 3D printers distributed in some forty laboratories, training departments and industrial partners, we are able to design simple and effective protective visors, stamped AMU. About a hundred visors can now be manufactured every day. We are going to gather in a single point, on each site, the 3D printers mobilized in order to optimize the production of the visors and their delivery to the hospital. These production sites have been chosen according to the number of printers available and the proximity to hospitals:
  • Last week, a faculty opened its doors to the Marseilles Marine Fire Battalion (BMPM) and the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS13) to use the practice rooms to prepare 1600 litres of hydro-alcoholic gels, ensuring the health safety of their teams. New requests for new uses have already been registered.
  • Since the beginning of the crisis two weeks ago, AMU has organized a collection of various materials from many research units of all sites (AMU-INSERM-CNRS) and organized their transfer, after verification of the relevance of the materials, to the care teams of the AP-HM. This represents more than 207,900 items of equipment useful for care, including more than 21,000 masks and 173,000 pairs of gloves. We cannot mention here all the laboratories, nor the components, nor the people involved in these urgent and beneficial solidarity actions. All my sincere and warm thanks go to them on behalf of our community. The strength of the collective must prevail in this period of crisis and each one, in his or her own heart, will recognize the value of his or her solidarity and contribution to the collective struggle, whether through donations, attention to others or the simple and strict observance of health regulations.

2. Aid for isolated students

  • The online mailing of the medico-social questionnaire to all students last weekend generated more than 25,000 responses that AMU teams have evaluated and continue to evaluate in order to provide adequate assistance. While nearly 3,250 students are confined to Cité U or university residences in Aix-Marseille university, nearly 3,000 students asked to be contacted by telephone by a professional from SIUMPPS, CROUS or BVE-mission handicap, as proposed in the survey. Alongside doctors, psychologists and social workers, "health relay students" will contribute to this telephone and teleconsultation service.
  • In addition, last Friday nearly 80 Luminy students confined to their university rooms received a packed lunch and a hygiene kit distributed by an association. We are now in contact with 5 other food aid charities and supermarket chains, with the student union organisations elected within AMU and, of course, with the CROUS to organise this aid (food + hygiene kit) for students in Aix and Marseille.
  • If needed, the doctors, nurses, sophrologists, psychologists and secretary of the SIUMPPS can be reached by email according to your campus of assignment:
  • Please note that a new unique phone number is available to reach the student health service: 04 13 94 27 77
  • Finally, in collaboration with the Student Vice-Presidency, we are seeking to identify students lacking computer equipment in order to reduce isolation and ensure pedagogical continuity, two major priorities at present.

3. Staff support

Keeping the link and looking after the most isolated colleagues is essential. So, in order not to forget those who are without a connection to their email inbox, yesterday we distributed a text message to all the staff, mentioning the telephone contacts of the medical-social teams available and ready to listen. If you encounter difficulties, AMU professionals can be reached Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

  • Doctors can be reached at : 04 13 94 22 58

  • The occupational psychologist at : 07 88 22 09 20
  • Social workers at : 04 13 94 64 64 (from 9h. to 17h. from Monday to Friday)

You can also join them by mail according to your campus of assignment:

4. Keeping the connection and positive thoughts

  • Discover the choreography of 4 dancers from the university company DANSE'AMU. Entitled "The Banquet", it represents rivalry, conformity, friendship and relief. NB: this performance was performed at Le Cube last February, therefore before the confinement
  • Scientific popularisation: understand some complex subjects in just 13 minutes thanks to the rhythmic explanation of our researchers in multiple disciplines. The "Thirteen minutes Marseille" and the "Thirteen minutes young researchers" are annual events organized by AMU.
  • And always, do some physical activity! Videos are now available on AMU's FaceBook account with dedicated "rendez-vous Sport" pages offering live meetings:
  • Continue to see each other and exchange: take original photos, make mini videos, share your confined daily life and telework experiences on a collective and temporary gallery. A link will be regularly made to your personal contributions, to which all AMU Info readers will have access for a limited time.
    • To discover it, follow the following link: click here
    • To participate and add a contribution (image, video), go here: click here

5. Put your time at the service of your training

The GEFORP application is dedicated to training and skills development for AMU staff. You can access some e-learning courses by logging in with your AMU login:

  • Screen work" training to contribute to your health and safety through the application of good practices, physical effort savings and workstation layout in front of a work screen,
  • Improve your writing and spelling thanks to the Voltaire certification (4 more places are available) in 10 hours of online training. You will be accompanied by an accredited trainer on the platform "Projet Voltaire".
  • For those who participated in the training course "writing the activity report for category A competitions" (training course to prepare for competitions), individual sessions - by e-mail or telephone for 30 minutes - to analyse the activity report for category A competitions will be organised on 3, 6 and 9 April.

6. Be well-informed

To reliably inform you about the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic, we follow the Academy of Sciences which recommends to consult the following links:

Take great care of yourself and everyone else,

Eric Berton

President of Aix-Marseille University


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