AMU INFO - Special COVID19 - n°15

Newsletter from the President of Aix-Marseille University to the entire university community.

Friday, June 19, 2020,

Dearly beloved,

In line with the previous AMU Info, the evolution of our Business Resumption Plan (BRP) is today made possible by the satisfactory health situation in France and by the return to the traditional rhythms of life which is becoming clearer, especially for our children. In the context of the speech made by the President of the Republic on Sunday 14 June, the resumption of a traditional activity in the presence of everyone is being considered, in strict compliance with the health and physical distance rules which are still in force.

Our PRA will therefore have to be updated, always in dialogue with the members of the CHSCT. Subject to the modalities fixed by the future governmental decree, the main principles of this evolution will be the following:

  • The resumption of traditional face-to-face work for all colleagues, in compliance with health measures, is planned as of 29 June.
  • For those who would be prevented by health or family constraints that are justified and linked to the health crisis, the situation in ASA or telework may continue.

People who feel fragile about returning to face-to-face work will be accompanied by occupational psychologists (from AMU or via the PAS-MGEN network) and by their line managers in order to find the best solutions to reconcile, during their weeks, returning to work on site and teleworking as soon as the activity justifies and allows it.

The physical distance of one meter between offices will have to be respected. The physical distance of one metre between offices must be respected. If this measure cannot be respected, team managers will be able to organise schedules allowing for the alternating presence of colleagues.

As of next Monday, June 22nd, staff who want to return to the site, either full time or a few days a week, can of course do so, as already provided for in our AIP. Schedules always allow you to inform your superior in order to organize the flows.

This resumption of our face-to-face contact is important for the quality of our exchanges. For many months, some colleagues have not seen each other and, as the summer holidays are approaching and will take us away from each other, it is important, between now and then, to regain conviviality, exchanges and the resumption of our usual activities.

In this spirit and in this context, it is important to me that management, at all levels, remains as positive, caring and supportive as possible. The strength of the collective during this crisis has been remarkable within our community. This is one of the great lessons we will have to learn. I truly hope that we will keep it in mind and cultivate this benevolence, accompanied by a professional conscience on the part of everyone, which will benefit our university. We must remain a great public service of quality for the future of youth, research and innovation.

I told you that we will very quickly set up teleworking within AMU. The reflection on its implementation will be carried out in broad consultation, particularly with the trade unions, and will take into account both previous work on telework, our experience of telework and the new needs that have emerged during this period of crisis. In the coming months, we will propose telework arrangements for those who wish to do so, with all the necessary conditions for its success.

Looking forward to meeting you in a few days, I wish you a very good weekend.

Please take care of yourselves,


Éric Berton

President of Aix-Marseille University

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