Information letter from the President of Aix-Marseille University to the whole university community.

Dear all,

Since May 19, the activities on our university sites have returned to a more classical and friendly rhythm. I would like to thank all the colleagues who have agreed to come back to the classroom according to the schedule that I have proposed to you. It is important that we meet again to find our reflexes of direct and constructive exchanges. In accordance with the latest circular of the Ministry of the transformation and the public service relating to telework, I invite you to respect the new modalities of resumption mentioned below which fix a return to the complete face-to-face on September 1st. As you know, to be able to start the new academic year with peace of mind, we need to vaccinate as many people as possible against COVID-19.

With the support of the local authorities, we have organized easy access to the vaccination for any adult and volunteer. You will find here the results of the operations carried out on our campuses these last weeks with the vaccination bus of the Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Council. I am pleased with the success of these operations because vaccination and the preservation of our health are a collective issue.

The social commitment that I have for AMU is a reality, even at the end of this crisis, and the affirmation of our values continues.

1. Resumption of face-to-face work

For several weeks now, many of you have been returning to the office a few days a week. The schedule for this resumption is as follows :

  • Since 19 May: encouragement for colleagues to return to the office one day a week.
  • Since 9 June: encouragement to return two days a week in person.
  • As of 1 July: resumption of face-to-face teaching at a rate of three days per week
  • As of 1 September: end of remote work, resumption of full face-to-face work with the application of the telework arrangements as validated for each colleague who has made a request.

There are now almost 1300 of you who have asked to telework and the requests are changing every day

2. Vaccination against Covid-19: easy access for the whole university community

After having offered its services on several AMU sites since May 31, the Conseil Départemental 13 vaccination bus will be present again tomorrow, Thursday June 17, on the Saint Charles site for all students and colleagues who volunteer to be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, in the first or second dose. If you are interested, you just have to come from 9:30 am to 5 pm, no appointment necessary, with your health insurance card, identity card and proof of first dose injection, if applicable. The operations carried out in recent weeks have aroused a lot of interest in our community:

  • Monday 31 May on the Luminy campus: nearly 200 vaccinations
  • Thursday 3 June on the Schuman campus: 274 vaccinations
  • Friday 4 June on the Schuman campus: 170 vaccinations
  • Monday 7 June on the Luminy campus: 205 vaccinations
  • Tuesday 8 June on the Saint-Jérôme campus: 232 vaccinations
  • Wednesday 9 June on the Schuman campus: 125 vaccinations
  • Monday 14 June on the St Charles site: 186 vaccinations
  • Tuesday 15 June on the Etoile campus: 102 vaccinations

Of course, any student can always go to the municipal vaccination centre at the Velodrome in Marseille, without an appointment, every day from 3 to 5 pm.
As a reminder, since the beginning of April, we have organized, with our SUMMPS teams on our campuses, a privileged access to vaccination for those who were then eligible for priority vaccination according to the national instructions.

3. AMU committed to defending the values of the Republic

In association with our partner, the Fondation du Camps des Milles (FCM), for the transmission of republican and democratic values, we are co-organizing on June 23, on the site of the Camp des Milles, an afternoon of exchange and reflection on the principles of secularism and citizenship, contribution to the culture of commitment and the fight against racism and anti-Semitism.

It is a series of meetings that favour debates between researchers and students, with a view to deciphering the media coverage of complex social issues, to distance oneself from forms of identity-based withdrawal and to shed light on the knowledge acquired, which is sometimes too narrowly focused on so-called "specialist" approaches. This series of meetings is part of our social commitment to republican and democratic values. Our collaboration with the Camp des Milles Foundation is also embodied in the UNESCO Chair in "Education for Citizenship, Human Sciences and Convergence of Memories" shared by our two institutions since 2013.

Deciphering current events and shedding light on debates is essential in the run-up to the upcoming elections in France. AMU's commitment is also in sharing values and in disseminating scientific information to as many people as possible. The sessions will be open to all on AMU's social networks.

4. PIA 4: AMU submits the "CISAM+" project in the framework of the "Excellence" call for projects

Via our university foundation A*Midex and thus our site partners, we have made rapid progress since 2012 in our ambition to be among the world's top research universities. We have obtained national and European funding for numerous structuring projects and have created 16 interdisciplinary research and training institutes to date.

Today, as the 50th European university for innovation in the Thomson Reuters ranking (2019), AMU is considered a key player in the regional and national socio-economic ecosystem. This dynamic ambition has been embodied since 2018, in the Cité de l'Innovation et des Savoirs Aix Marseille (CISAM), a totem and emblematic place for innovation.

Today, the CISAM+ project amplifies our innovation strategy in the face of the social, environmental and health challenges facing society. Indeed, universities have an essential role to play in accelerating technological and social innovations, which are possible thanks to close collaboration with socio-economic, associative and cultural actors and citizens. Based on the CISAM innovation model and our scientific strengths, the CISAM+ project aims to build an integrated ecosystem that will strengthen the impact of the site's research and teaching and facilitate the transition from "invention" to "innovation". We are convinced that technological innovation is inseparable from societal innovation and must be both sustainable and inclusive

The CISAM+ project is based on 3 programs:

  • Innovation training: this programme will disseminate the culture and skills of high-impact innovation to our students, from undergraduate to PhD level and in close contact with technicians, engineers, researchers, teacher-researchers as well as socio-economic and cultural actors.
  • Innovation support: this program will offer a complete range of innovation services (research, design, prototyping, awareness, detection, etc.) to researchers, socio-economic and cultural players (start-ups, VSEs, SMEs, large companies) and students.
  • Open innovation: this program will facilitate meetings and collaborations between researchers, students, citizens and socio-economic and cultural actors and will affirm our university as a reference in open innovation.

In concrete terms, if the project is selected, we will create 7 CISAM+ thematic antennas on our campuses in order to multiply the capacities of the current CISAM. The project will focus on 3 multidisciplinary themes combining scientific excellence and major interest for the region: Technologies for Health, Cultural and Creative Industries and Social Responsibility / Sustainable Development for the green and blue economies.

The project's implementation trajectory is structured in 3 phases linked to the accreditation cycles of our training offer and its real estate deployment on the campuses: launch and experimentation (2022-24), extension (2025-27) and generalization (2028-32). Its governance has been designed to ensure coherence with our overall strategy, strong participation of key academic and socio-economic players, and regular external evaluation.

In direct link with other structuring programs of AMU in the course of deployment (DREAM-U; TIGER; IDeAL; connected campuses of Digne, Arles and Salon de Provence; but also the programs known as "Equipex +" - CIRCUITPHOTONICS, IDEC, HIPE, IMAGINE - and DémoNIAC), this project would be deployed over 10 years, for which we have requested 54.2 million euros of financing. The modernization dimension of the "CISAM+" project has enabled us to build a solid business model that provides for self-financing of consolidation actions.

5. AMU committed to a global quality approach

As you know, my ambition for Aix-Marseille University is to achieve a global performance that will be reflected in the quality of our teaching, our research and our governance as well as in the quality of living conditions and working relations. We wish to achieve this objective through an inclusive and participatory approach to bring together all the projects and elements that make up our university system.

Based on the principles of equity, transparency, participation and efficiency, our quality policy is a unifying and structuring axis for the whole community. Putting the student at the heart of the teaching dynamics and wishing to identify his expectations throughout his life, on our territory as in the European space, we commit ourselves to implement the quality assurance processes This quality policy will take the form of new approaches to training, with courses that are increasingly focused on learners, as well as structuring areas for development in research and innovation.

In a framework that promotes the development of all, colleagues and students, integrity and mutual trust in working relationships, our approach will encourage continuous improvement and develop our collaborative spirit. It will be presented to the members of the Board of Directors in July.

This quality policy should serve as a foundation for the deployment of our projects by developing a "quality culture" within AMU. I hope that it will stimulate creativity, innovation and the affirmation of a "socially committed" approach that I am promoting for our university.

Yours sincerely

Éric Berton

President of Aix-Marseille University

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