The A*Midex Foundation supports both interactions between the Aix-Marseille site and industry players and civil societý as well as international strategic partnerships, particularly on a European, Mediterranean and African scale.

1.    Partnerships with the socio-economic and cultural world: transferring knowledge, undertaking and innovating:

In accordance with the ambition of the Aix-Marseille University establishment contract to increase the transfer of research results from the laboratories (knowledge, know-how and technology) to industry and civil society, in order to promote, in particular, the creation of businesses in the territory, the A*Midex excellence initiative is committed to enabling the development of partnership research in its multilateral dimension.

1.1.    Actions with high potential for valorization:

Through its Transfer Program and the creation of Industrial Chairs, the A*Midex Excellence Initiative supports the emergence and consolidation of partnerships between academic actors on the Aix-Marseille site and actors from the socio-economic and cultural world, based on the co-construction and implementation of research, training and innovation programs on priority issues defined by the site. The A*Midex Foundation also supports, with its partners, projects with high valorization potential, as well as the creation and development of Start-ups through access to knowledge, know-how and technologies developed within the Aix-Marseille site. In this scheme, access to the technological platforms of public and private partners, from the socio-economic and cultural world, plays an essential role. The A*Midex foundation is therefore pursuing the effort to structure these platforms on site.  The targeted projects involveexploratory research or technology or knowledge transfer activities; they benefit from engineering and project set-up support, in addition to the support offer proposed by the site's partners.

In order to strengthen links with the socio-economic and cultural worlds, A*Midex has launched the "Transfer 2020-2023" program. The latter aims to encourage the development of relationships between research institutions and actor(s) from the business, cultural and civil society worlds. With a budget of €6.5 million, this program is structured around 4 calls for projects:

  • Call for projects 1 - Emergence of new collaborations
  • Project Call 2 - Start-up Partnerships
  • Project Call 3 - Partnership with the Socio-Economic and Cultural World
  • Call for projects 4 - Engineering and setting up European projects

Dedicated webpage: here

1.2 Support for technology platforms:

The A*Midex Foundation supports the technological platforms of the Aix-Marseille labeled site. This action aims to accompany the developmentof their service offer and their opening to the socio-economic world. To be competitive, these platforms must be able to rely not only on top-notch scientific equipment but also on dedicated staff, guarantors of know-how and actorsin the improvement of technologies and service offerings. This is why the A*Midex Foundation has decided to allocate additional human resources to the winning platforms while monitoring, through dashboards, the evolution of their development.

Dedicated web page: here

1.3    Device "industrial chairs" and "partnership chairs"

By promoting the creation of bilateral partnerships between research institutions and companies, industrial chairs should enable the joint development of new knowledge and know-how, sources of innovation and competitiveness. This action aims to encourage the co-construction and implementation of research, training and innovation programs, targeting one (or more) priority issue(s) for the chair partners, with a view to the industrial partner valorizing the results.

Partnership Chairs:  meeting point between the world of teaching and research and the professional world. It is a device, financed by one or more corporate sponsors, aimed at developing research and teaching in areas previously defined in agreement between the researchers involved and the partner companies. The chair is, on the one hand, a means for the university to promote research and training and, on the other hand, a strategic issue for the companies.

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1.4    Innovative actions in University Hospital Research:

The   foundation   A*Midex   intervenes   at the   service of the  ; A*Midex consortium in a coordinating role for projects under   the   Programme   d'investissements   d'avenir. It promotes the transfer of scientific innovations to care practice as part of the University Hospital Research (RHU) in health. Based on these experiences, it produces analyses of RHU, their implementation difficulties and their successes. These assessments allow it to provide close support to candidates for upcoming calls for projects. At the same time, the A*Midex foundation accompanies the cross-fertilization of health with other disciplinary fields (Physics, engineering, artificial intelligence, sports, Public Health...), participating in the digital transformation of health and its technological evolutions, to meet priority medical and societal challenges.
Aix-Marseille University coordinates 3 RHU    

  • PIONeeR: Lung Cancer - 01/11/2017 to 10/31/2023
  • EPINOV: Epilepsy surgery - 01/01/2018 through 12/31/2023
  • INNOV-CKD: Infarction treatment for patients with renal failure - 01/11/2019 through 10/31/2024

1.5    Innovation ecosystems on the scale of the Aix-Marseille site

nbsp; site,  in  connection  with  representatives  of  the  ecosystem of  innovation  (SATT  South  EastInstitut    Carnot   STAR,    Protisvalor,    incubator    Impulseincubator  Belle  de  Mai  etc.),  and  notably  with  the  City  of  Innovation  and  Knowledge  of Aix-Marseille,  created  in  2019  to  develop  the  socio-economic impact&of the Aix-Marseille site and to bring together the players in research and those from the business world, culture and civil society. Associated with Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole and two private partners, CMA-CGM and Groupe l'Occitane, CISAM is the place for acceleration, incubation, creation and prototyping to accelerate exchanges within the local ecosystem between industrialists and research units; to provide critical resources to companies and project leaders; and to network all the players and places of innovation, in an international perspective. Starting in 2022, Aix-Marseille University will deploy the CISAM + project, winner of the "ExcellencEs" call for proposals under the future investment program. With funding of 40 million Euros, the project envisages the creation of 7 new thematic CISAM branches on the AMU and CNRS campuses at Joseph Aiguier, in order to amplify CISAM's actions as close as possible to academic, socio-economic and cultural actors. The CISAM+ project is structured around 3 programs:

  • Innovation training:  this program will disseminate the culture and skills of high-impact innovation to our students and in close contact with engineers, researchers, teacher-researchers as well as local and national socio-economic and cultural actors.
  • Innovation support:  this program will offer a full range of innovation services (consultancy, design in partnership with Ecole Condé, prototyping, awareness, detection, ...) with researchers, students and socio-economic and cultural actors.
  • Open innovation: this program will facilitate interactions between researchers, students, citizens and socio-economic and cultural actors and will affirm our university as a reference in open innovation within our campuses.

Discover CISAM

Find out about GoMet''s "Extraordinary Journey into the World of Technology

2.    Partnerships on a European and international scale

Internationalization is a major issue as a vector of excellence for research, innovation, and training. A*Midex supports the development of targeted strategic and structuring partnerships in Europe and internationally, taking into consideration the uniqueness of our territory and mobilizing all the partners of the site. Consistent with the objectives of the European University of CIVIS in addition to strategic partnerships in the world, Europe and the Mediterranean and African spaces remain at the heart of shared priorities in order to strengthen the positioning of the site on a Euro-Mediterranean, Mediterranean and African scale.

  • Support for international projects

With the aim of encouraging and supporting the development of strategic and structuring international collaborations, the A*Midex Foundation offers dedicated calls for projects:Links to calls for projects, as well as structuring international actions such as the Strengthened partnership with two Mixed Units of French Institutes Abroad (UMIFRE)

  • Mediterranean Area and Africa

The A*Midex Foundation works to strengthen Mediterranean collaborations with privileged partners and contributes to the emergence of new avenues of reflection for thinking about complexity in the Mediterranean: MUIFRE Action..

  • European support / project setup / co-financing

A*Midex contributes to supporting applications from research teachers and researchers to European programs at the heart of the site's policy. The European dimension of the site is reinforced by AMU's participation in the CIVIS alliance, a network that facilitates the submission of joint applications to major European calls for projects (ERASMUS +, Horizon Europe... ).

  • Support in setting up and submitting projects from the European Research Council
  • .

The foundation is implementing a site policy to support applications from teacher-researchers and researchers to the European Research Council (ERC) program, a strong marker of scientific excellence: Le Cercle , ERC Booster  

  • Support for the setting up and submission of European projects

Support projects led by researchers and teacher-researchers from the Aix Marseille site likely to apply for European collaborative and innovation support calls for projects, requiring the involvement of one or more partners from the socio-economic world: Transfer program (call for projects 4).

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