#1 Cultural and Creative Industries

The cycle of interdisciplinary meetings "A world in Motion" organized by the Mission Interdisciplinarité(s) of Aix-Marseille University:
Proposes to explore interdisciplinary issues and interfaces between different scientific fields.
Questions the forms of change and transformation but also the modes of resistance.
Invites dialogue between students, researchers, teachers, economic and cultural actors
citizens and public decision-makers.
Encourages shared approaches, adapted to the current and emerging challenges of a changing world.


You will find below the video of this 1st cycle: Cultural and Creative Industries - Narrative Immersions* which took place in the Mucem auditorium on September 13, 2021

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About this day*:
Generators of multidimensional value (artistic, economic, social, civic), the cultural and creative industries (CCI) are at the heart of the transformation of our societies. Overcoming traditional sectoral boundaries, they offer a space for experimenting with co-creation practices fertilized by the cross-fertilization of disciplines, skills and actors and, in so doing, contribute to "telling the story" of our world and its changes. Based on experiences of cross-collaboration, this meeting proposes to explore the sources of these "innovative narratives".
Day co-organized by the InCIAM Institute (Institute of Creativity and Innovations of Aix-Marseille) and the OTACC Chair (Organizations and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation)


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