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Café des langues

A cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a few biscuits or sweets, everything is a pretext for meeting, discussing and sharing, which is what makes the Language Café on the AMU campus in Aix the most convivial of events.

Language Cafés: 2021 Edition

Meet every Tuesday at the CFAL space (Egger building, 1st floor, C115) between 12 noon and 2pm!

Every week, a small group of students from all over the world meet in this space to exchange in all languages.

Readers animate with a smile and dynamism this warm moment where accents from all over the world mingle. For an hour or two, we switch from one language to another, thus revealing the multiculturalism of Aix-Marseille University.

There is always room for newcomers, French or not, on exchange or not, to make this internationally oriented community grow. Do not hesitate to join us!


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Language Café