Vocational training

The Archimedes Institute offers short, non-degree courses for engineers and researchers. These training courses are eligible for the DIF.

Foundations of machine learning and deep learning

Machine learning is at the heart of current advances in artificial intelligence for digital data processing. At its core, we find deep learning; many other approaches can sometimes be more efficient depending on the real problems to be addressed. This training proposes a panorama of the methods available "on the shelf" with a focus on the practical use of these methods with the scikit-learn library.

  • May 2020 in Marseille, Information and registration (Hyperlink)

Machine learning based on cores

This training is divided into three main areas: methods, and core construction, then applications to concrete problems. Kernel methods: principle, wide margin separators (SVM), engineering of kernel functions; Construction of kernels on vector and structured data.

  • June 2020 in Marseille, Information and registration (Link)

Reverse problems: methods and applications

After an introduction to inverse problems through examples (deconvolution, reconstruction, source separation...), this training proposes to formalize the problem, then to apply methods taking into account their limitations. Several tools will be presented to respond to the different problems, depending on the training audience.

  • Sept. 2020 in Marseille, Information and registration (Hyperlink)

Customized training

To meet the specific training needs of companies or researchers, the Archimedes Institute also offers tailor-made training courses in mathematics or computer science. For any particular request, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Vocational training