Vice Presidency for Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination


Building an egalitarian policy for the establishment was a major concern from the birth of AMU, which resulted in the creation of a mission dedicated to 2012, which was transformed in 2016 into a Vice-Presidency in charge of gender equality and the fight against discrimination.
Appointed Vice-President for Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination on 14 January 2020, Isabelle Regner succeeds Nolwenn Lécuyer.

1. Presentation of the Vice-Presidency responsible for equality f-h and the fight against discrimination

2. Objectives

  • Develop a medium-term strategy for an integrated policy of equality and inclusion ;
  • Propose measures to lead to equal treatment of staff and students;
  • Carry out awareness-raising, information and training activities;
  • Represent AMU in the different national networks related to the ESR .

3. Functioning of the Vice-Presidency

The Vice-Presidency at the EFHLD is placed under the responsibility of the Vice President of the Board, in charge of the Social and Societal Responsibility policy of the institution, with which it collaborates closely.

In order to work in cohesion with and for all AMU groups, a Steering Committee for Gender Equality and the Fight against Discrimination in AMU (CoPil EFHLD) was created: it is made up of representatives of the different AMU groups. made up of committed and volunteer staff and students, but also of experts. -academic, institutional and community organizations-The EFHLD Vice-Presidency's action plans are developed with the help of the EFHLD Vice-Presidency and they participate in the deployment of projects within the Services and Components, with the support of their Directorates. Each of the members of this CoPil thus assumes the role of "equality and discrimination correspondent" for the audiences he or she represents.

  • Consult the directory of CoPil correspondents (coming soon)
  • Discover the experts in Gender Studies at Aix Marseille University (the Who's Who of the genre)
  • Discover the experts on Discriminations of Aix-Marseille University
Contact information

Vice-President for Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination
INSPE - 2 Avenue Jules Isaac (Suite A016)
13626 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 01

Tel : +33(0)4 13 55 32 34

Isabelle Régner
Tel : 04 13 55 09 93

Project Manager
Christelle Labbay
Tel : 04 13 55 32 34

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