The Validation of Professional Acquired Skills (VAP)

Validation des acquis professionnels (VAP)

The validation of professional experience (V.A.P.) allows direct entry into a university course without having the required diploma*, by validating professional experience (whether salaried or not), training courses followed or personal experience developed outside of any training system (for example, a Bac+3 for entry into the second year of a Master's degree - Bac+5).

1. The procedure is as follows

Here are the 4 main steps of the VAP process:

Les 4 grandes étapes de la démarche VAP

1.1 Contact an advisor

Once you have identified the diploma you are interested in, contact the Continuing Education advisor in the component (Faculty, School, Institute, etc.) that issues your diploma. You will find a "Continuing Education" space on the website of each component with the contact information for the service.In any case, you can benefit from an information meeting, in our premises in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence.

  • Contact reception of the service at : 04. 13. 55. 08. 72 or 04. 13 94 21 54

1.2 Orientation interview to formulate your project

After the first step, you will have an interview with the counsellor and/or the person in charge of the chosen diploma, in the component or in the Continuing Professional Development service. You will be helped with the formulation of your project, the choice of the diploma, the financing modalities, etc. Everything you need to start your project.This phase is an integral part of the training process. You will be given an application file for entry into continuing education (VAP) during this interview and your advisor will help you draw it up.

1.3 Realization of the training entry file (VAP)

À Following this interview, if you decide to take the step, you will have to complete an administrative file to present and confirm your training project. Your completed file must then be sent to our CPE department, which will forward it to the person in charge of the diploma you have chosen. The latter will receive you and give an opinion on the feasibility of your VAP application.

1.4 After the commission: entry into training

As soon as we receive the result of the commission, if it is positive, you can start training. If you have not already done so, please contact the department of the component (Faculty, School, Institute, etc.) that provides the training.. In any case, you must register for the diploma by paying the corresponding fees.

2. Calendar of VAP Commissions

The next dates of the pedagogical commissions of Continuing Education :

Calendar of pedagogical commissions
Day Date Time Location
Thursday March 12, 2020 14h


Friday April 10, 2020 14h Aix
Monday May 25th, 2020 14h Aix
Thursday June 18, 2020 14h Aix
Thursday 09 July 2020 14h Aix



Contact information

Contact the reception of the continuing vocational training service: 04. 13. 55. 08. 72 or 04. 13. 94. 21. 54.

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