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The training department of NeuroMarseille is represented by the Graduate School in Neuroscience: NeuroSchool.

NeuroSchool offers three degrees (Bachelor of Life Sciences (Neuroscience path), Master, PhD) that bring together over 300 students each year. It also offers complementary training courses allowing a complete, innovative and adapted curriculum for each student. An engineering school (Ecole de Mines) and three neuro-technology companies participate in this multidisciplinary training.

Joining NeuroSchool in the 3rd year BSc

The bachelor of life sciences, neuroscience path, offered at the AMU Faculty of Sciences, ensures solid theoretical and practical knowledge in neuroscience. It is organised around complementary disciplinary courses in cellular and molecular biology, physiology and behavioural sciences.

Joining NeuroSchool for a MSc

The master aims to train students in the different fields of neuroscience (molecular and cellular neurobiology, neurodevelopment, neurophysiology, behavioural and cognitive neurosciences), giving them a common basic training and more advanced skills in three areas:

Une étudiante et une jurée discutent devant un poster lors de la présentation des posters de M1

Joining NeuroSchool for a PhD

NeuroSchool's PhD program is a program offered to doctoral students who are enrolled in a doctoral school at Aix-Marseille University, with a research theme related to neuroscience.

PhD students have access to training courses dedicated to neuroscience. They benefit from a variety of scientific, professional and social events in which they can participate and/or organize.

Learn more about the training opportunities on the dedicated page of the NeuroMarseille website.

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NeuroSchool and the professionalization of its students

NeuroSchool seeks to improve the employability of its students and to lead them to a satisfying professional life. This is why each student is supported in his or her professional project, notably in four areas: academic research, clinical research, private research and scientific communication. This is why additional training is also offered, such as:

Learn more about professionalization on the dedicated page of the NeuroMarseille website.

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