Thesis defense

Key steps:

Writing the manuscript

1/ Request for defense

Prerequisites :

- Update of the Individual Training Agreement

- Portfolio

- Validation of Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity training courses: By decision of all the EDs gathered within the doctoral college, the validation of these training courses is a prerequisite for the authorization of thesis defense, for doctoral students who started their thesis in September 2017.

Validation of the request

Filing, dissemination and confidentiality

Authorization for thesis defense

2/ Thesis defense

  1. material conditions
  2. members of the jury, appointment of the president
  3. a time for the doctoral student to present his research work followed by a question-and-answer session with the members of the jury. At the end of the defense, the jury meets to deliberate and then announces its decision to grant or not the thesis to the doctoral student.

3/Delivery of the diploma

  1. jury's opinion
  2. In accordance with the regulations in force, the doctor's degree is awarded without indication of mention.

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