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Formations développement durable

You wish to learn about Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility.
You are looking for skills in Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility.
AMU offers an interdisciplinary and innovative training programme that supports the acquisition of the skills needed to meet the societal challenges of the 21st century.

Sustainable development is neither a discipline nor a subject in the academic sense of the term.

It goes far beyond a simple sum of knowledge or predefined good practices, it is first and foremost a process involving action. This process therefore depends on the skills that can be marked out.

À At the initiative of a network of actors from Higher Education, the socio-economic world and the student world, a guide to Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility skills has been produced in order to take into account the interdisciplinary approach that is essential to respond perfectly to professional integration.

The 5 competencies for sustainable development and social responsibility:

  • Changes: whether digital or energy-related changes, sustainable development requires the identification, consideration and governance of different types of change.
  • Responsibility: exercising responsibility, at one's own level, is a necessity, but can only be done within an ethical operating framework.
  • Foresight: the future can no longer be considered as a simple projection of the present, it must incorporate uncertainty and unpredictability, according to scenarios of continuity but also of rupture.
  • Collective: the challenge of taking this competence into account lies in the articulation between individual competences (psychosocial and intercultural) and collective competences (actions at group or societal level).
  • Systemic: Sustainable development can only be understood as a complex process that requires a systemic approach.
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