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⦿ Help course: Getting started with AMeTICE - Assessing students with a Test - Assessing students with an assignment
⦿ Download Help: Getting Started with AMeTICE
⦿ Webinars: What can you do with AMeTICE - How to get started on AMeTICE? - How to assess students by assignment, test?
⦿ Video: AMU ManageCourses

Teaching resources

You are invited to upload your teaching materials to AMeTICE to make them accessible to your students.
Once connected on AMeTICE from theENT, section Pedagogy.
Creating a course
Navigation block, by clicking on AMU Manage courses then on Create a course, you can name your course, short and long wording, assign it to a category, make it visible and validate it.
⦿ Help: documentation or video
Resource repositories
Once the course is created, click the Enable Edit Mode button, and drag and drop the resource onto the course. You can drop any type of document (course material, exercises, answer keys, exam papers, etc.).
⦿ Aids: documentation or video
Enrolling students in the course with Bali, apogee connector
FromAMU Manage Courses, click on the number of students (0) in the course created, search for the course to enroll, and then click Enroll these students.
⦿ Help: documentation or video
Enrolling students in the course by self-registration
⦿ Help: documentation - AMeTICE Quick Start download - Help course: AMeTICE Quick Start - Video: AMU Manage Courses
Enriching content directly in AMeTICE
In each element, added on AMeTICE, you have an HTML editor, especially the Description field which allows you to enrich your content: resources or activities. You can add images, sounds, videos but also record yourself live for a quick presentation in video or audio only. The label or the web page also allows you to present enriched content.
⦿ Helps: documentation HTML editor - label - web page

Communicating with AMeTICE

There are different tools that allow you to communicate with students.
⦿ Help: documentation
Each new course created has by default the Announcements forum which is a one-way forum from the teacher to the students; no response possible from the students
All forums allow you to send a message to all or a group of students in the course. Students can reply to messages.
Registered participants
From the Current Course section, above the breadcrumb trail, you can seeall the participants in your course.
You can communicate withall your students, or only with some of them depending on the checkboxes you have selected, by using the drop down menu at the bottom of the page which prompts You can add/send a message to the selected users.
It gives the possibility to exchange live with your students.

Interacting with students with activities integrated with AMeTICE

  • Wooclap activity from AMeTICE
  • Zoom activity from AMeTICE

Assessing with AMeTICE - the essentials

⦿ Webinar: How to assess students by assignment, test...?
The activities proposed in AMeTICE are assessable and allow to develop interactions with students (grades, feedback, ...).
The Assignment activity on AMeTICE is a space for depositing student work that accepts various formats: file, video, audio, online text... with the possibility for the teacher to propose feedback of different formats.
⦿ Aids: documentation - ⦿ Videos: Set DM assignment - Set assignment: Compilatio, PoodLL... - How to assign homework randomly?
The Test activity on AMeTICE allows the teacher to design and create tests consisting of a wide variety of Question Types (MCQs, true-false, short answer, drag and drop images and text). These questions are kept in the Question Bank and can be reused in different Tests.
⦿ Video aids: How to create a practice test? - How to create a control type test? - Test with random questions - Taking into account thirds time ⦿ Help course : Assessing your students with a Test - Examples of calculative assessment tests ⦿ Webinar : How to use numerical and calculative questions?

Getting organized with AMeTICE

Make appointments with your students with the Appointment activity.
⦿ Help: How to use the Appointment activity ?

Wooclap: energize a class/lecture - feedback and interactivity -.

The Wooclap application is an online tool that allows:

  • create questions in two ways in real time during virtual classes or at the participant's pace
  • interact with its students.

⦿ Help: ENT connection - FAQ - User guide - ⦿ Webinar : How to make a course interactive with Wooclap ?

Web conferencing tools


  • Access from the calendar on ENT by creating the corresponding event,
    • select Skype Meeting > Add a Skype Meeting
    • a link and a phone number are generated, to communicate to your students so that they connect to your webinar and directly download the application thanks to their AMU mail or listen by phone.
  • Directly fromAMUSkype

Recording possible only on PC.
Recording your course: it is also possible on PCs only to record yourself without students and broadcast the video later by storing it on AMUPod.
⦿ Aides: Create a virtual class - AMUSkype Tutorial


Beforehand, request an account. Registration possible.
⦿ Helps: documentation
⦿ Webinars: what can you do with Zoom? - What's new in AMUZoom? ☆ New 2021


Please note that as of July 10, 2021, AMUConnect will no longer be available for use. Remember to download the videos you want to keep.

Access: available from ENT, in the Pedagogy menu: AdobeCoManager to reserve a slot. Registration possible.
⦿ Help: documentation - online help ⦿ Videos: Create a virtual class - Share a document with AMUConnect

Live broadcast on AMUPod in equipped rooms and lecture halls

For teachers:

Help for students: online help - downloadable document: connecting to live streaming

For any problem with the live broadcast, please contact the DOSI - Audiovisual.

Production of educational videos

Video can complement your distance learning. There are many tools available to produce these contents in total autonomy. The CIPE gives you some keys to achieve this with this online course: Designing an educational video.
Help is available to guide you in creating and hosting videos:

Proposal of remote alternatives for assessments

Assessment is an integral part of the training system but in a context of educational continuity, it is necessary to consider alternatives to the initially planned modalities of supervised face-to-face tests.

Distance assessment:

  • Supposes the mediation by technological tools (digital devices, telephone, ...)
  • Consists in collecting indicators on the basis of evaluation criteria applied to the students' production.
  • Imposes the implementation of other means to avoid fraud

Check out this page ondistance learning assessment assistance; you will find :

  • General advice : What precautions should be taken before starting?
  • Suggestions for adapting assessment methods : How do you go from a face-to-face assessment to a distance assessment?
  • Tools made available: What are the tools offered by the CIPE?

Other educational resources that can be used

The Thematic Digital Universities (UNT) are disciplinary groupings of higher education establishments that share, on a national scale, educational content of all kinds (documents, courses, exercises, examples, etc.) produced by university teachers. It is possible to retrieve these resources to use them in your teaching. To know more about it.

The Sup-Numérique portal provides access to more than 30,000 self-training resources, MOOCs and a catalogue of distance learning courses.

FUN-MOOC has reopened some MOOCs, but only in reading mode, so no interaction is possible, nor is a certificate obtained.

The Ministry of Higher Education has set up a platform for teachers to deposit digital resources and make them available to hybridise your teaching. This platform, operated by France Université Numérique (FUN), is accessible at this address:

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