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Physical and sports activities are social practices that are beneficial for physical and mental well-being, health, teamwork and openness to others. The University of Aix-Marseille aims to implement a sports policy for AMU students and staff that places university sport at the service of all, contributing to their development. This major initiative contributes to the creation of identity and the strengthening of the cohesion of our new establishment. This sports policy is developed as part of the sports mission, in consultation with university sports stakeholders, along 3 main lines:

  • The development of sport for all
  • Strengthening competitive practices
  • The organisation of sporting events

The development of sport for all concerns the forms of recreational (leisure) and educational (integrated into curricula) sports activities. The aim is to offer practices to as many people as possible by adjusting the offer to the needs of users. It is also a question of taking into account the specificities of certain populations (populations suffering from a disability for example) in order to have an adapted offer of sports activities. The strengthening of competitive sport, up to the highest levels of practice, contributes to AMU's desire to establish its image on the national and international level. The university also wishes to enable high-level sports students to carry out a dual project (sports and academic) with a performance support system. Finally, by promoting the organisation of sporting events on different scales, AMU wishes to increase its visibility, strengthen its internal cohesion and contribute to the animation of its campuses.

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