Study at AMU outside the exchange program

You are an international student and you arrive at AMU outside the framework of an exchange program. You must complete specific procedures, depending on your country of origin. Foreign candidates wishing to enrol in a French university must have a sufficient level of knowledge of French to enable them to follow the training provided effectively. If you do not come from a French-speaking country, you need a certificate of success on a French language test at level B2 or equivalent.

Attention: some disciplines recommend a higher level of language, C1, as is the case in the Humanities and Social Sciences and Law. Ask the component in which you want to study.

1. Proposed training courses

1.1 Training Catalogue

Aix-Marseille University offers all levels of training from bac+2 to doctorate and state diploma in health, including engineering diplomas. Our university's training offer covers all fields of study:

1.2 Training in English

Some of our training courses are given in English.

1.3 Double diplomas and integrated programmes

The double diploma allows students to obtain a diploma from each institution after full and mutual recognition of their educational path in the partner foreign university. Offshore training is a degree at the Bachelor's or Master's level from a French higher education institution and delivered on the premises of a foreign partner higher education institution, in accordance with the country's legislation.

Attention: If you wish to set up a double diploma or a relocation, you must contact the cooperation managers within the DRI and follow the Charter of Diplomas in International Partnership available on the Intranet by connecting you with your identifiers.

1.4. Conditions of eligibility

You will find the procedures to be carried out according to your situation (European national or national of a country outside Europe, residing in France or abroad) and your level of study on the Aix-Marseille University school website.We remind you that our university is a member of the Campus France Study in France convention, foreign students residing in one of the countries with a French Campus Space with a Study in France procedure must go through the local French Campus Space (www. "nomdupays". before January 31 to apply to our university.

1.5. Studying French

The University Service for French as a Foreign Language (SUFLE) offers you many courses according to your expectations and level (beginner, intermediate or advanced): short courses, semester courses and annual courses, summer courses, preparation for D.E.L.F and D.A.L.F diplomas or the T.C.F test. The SUFLE is based in Aix-en-Provence. You will find all the information on their website.

1.6 Mentoring

Throughout your stay at AMU, you will benefit from the mentoring of the teacher in charge of the exchange: he or she will accompany you on a pedagogical level throughout your mobility. This way, your route will be perfectly supervised. Mentoring, which is different from and complementary to tutoring or sponsorship, is the support of one of our teachers responsible for the exchange. Throughout your mobility and your stay at AMU, the teacher will advise you, guide you and help you in your steps. Ask one of our International Relations offices for more information:

1.7. Housing

You can find accommodation in the city through different sources available in it International Student Guide. We also suggest you to consult our partner STUDAPART through its online platform that allows you to:

  • Finding/proposing a rental in France and abroad;
  • Find your roommate(s) and train roommates in France and abroad;
  • Finding/proposing a temporary room in France and abroad.

1.8.Sponsorship Program

The International Relations Department of Aix-Marseille University has set up a Sponsorship Program. The principle is simple and makes it possible to put in contact an international student who came to study at Aix-Marseille University with a French student in order to facilitate his integration. The role of the sponsor will be to inform, guide and help the godchild make new friends. You remain totally free in the way you organize yourself. It is up to you to make this exchange as enriching as possible!

1.9. Further information and contact

1.10 Welcome desk for boarding studentsionals

The University of Aix-Marseille organises a reception desk for international students at the beginning of each academic year.You will find information about:

  • Residence permits (first application and renewal)
  • Student mutual societies (social security for the 2nd and 3rd year, complementary health insurance, insurance)
  • SIUMPPS - Interuniversity Service for Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion (health / prevention)
  • The CROUS
  • Studapart (accommodation excluding CROUS)
  • SUAPS (university sport)
  • Banks (account opening, student liability insurance, multi-risk home insurance)
  • SNCF, RTM, Keolis (transport Aix-en-Provence and Marseille)
  • ...

OFII files must be submitted at the ticket office, which is mandatory for all newcomer students outside Europe.

The Welcome Desk will be open from August 31st until the September 25th.

Place and time:

  • in Aix en Provence : Campus Aix-en-Provence, Site Schuman, espace « Le Cube », 29 avenue Robert Schuman
  • in Marseille: Campus Marseille-Centre, Site Saint-Charles, « Espace Pouillon », 3 place Victor Hugo
  • opening hours: from 9h to 16h



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