Sport and Handicap Device

Dispositif sport & handicap à Aix-Marseille Université

1- What does the device consist of?

Enable students with disabilities to practice an adapted physical activity (SUAPS slots) whatever the type of disability by benefiting from the advice of a student in the APAS (Adapted Physical Activity and Health) program of the Faculty of Sports Sciences.

2- What are the 2 formulas to choose from?

  • Accompaniment APA (Adapted Physical Activities)

Practice accompanied by an APAS student during each session.

  • Autonomy APA

Free practice during the sessions with tools and teaching materials made available

Discover the physical activities offered on the different campuses.

3- How to register?

Get closer to your BVE-Mission Handicap in order to:

  • Fill in the registration form
  • Be put in contact with a student in the APAS program to anticipate and adapt your physical practice






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