Special file: Training aid - National Employment Fund

The purpose of the FNE-Training Agreements is to implement vocational training measures.

The epidemic crisis linked to the coronavirus - Covid-19 - can cause a company's activity to decline. In the event of prolonged under-activity, or even total cessation of activity, the company may ask to benefit from the FNE-Formation instead of partial activity in order to invest in the skills of its employees.

Who is concerned by the FNE?

All companies in partial activity are concerned by this device "FNE Reinforced training".

  • Clarification: The training aid from the National Employment Fund ("FNE Formation") will be adapted and could potentially be requested by companies for "all employees in partial activity", except for apprenticeship and professionalisation contracts.

When will this device be accessible?

  • As of April 14The State pays for the training of employees in partial activity via the National Employment Fund.

What training courses are eligible?

All training courses are eligible for the "FNE Formation renforcé" (Enhanced Training FNE). (including EAV and skills assessment actions).

  • These training courses will obviously have to be compatible with compliance with the containment rules. Therefore only 100% distance learning courses will be eligible for the "FNE Reinforced Training" scheme.
  • Training must be carried out during periods of inactivity of employees placed in partial activity. Moreover, the duration of the training may not exceed the period of partial activity.
  • Are excluded from the system, the obligatory trainings for the exercise of the activity (E.g.: electrical clearance, security...).

What funding?

  • The State will cover 100% of the pedagogical costs of the actions carried out within the framework of the skills development plan.
  • Support will be automatic up to €1500 including tax per employee (or €1250 excluding tax).
  • The employee's remuneration will be maintained according to the rules of partial activity.

How can I benefit from this scheme?

  • This system will be set up from 14 April via an agreement and a simplified application between the company (or its skills operator) and the regional labour directorates (DIRECCTE).
  • The model agreement and simplified application form should be available soon.

Which OPCO do I depend on?

Do not hesitate to contact your OPCO advisor. The list of OPCOs HERE

FNE application model : download the file

For more information and full details, please visit the government's website:


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