Scientific and Teaching Advisory Board (STAB)

In accordance with the practices of international research universities, the Institute for the Physics of the Universe has set up a system that calls on national and international personalities from outside the university to advise with regards to its educational and scientific trajectory and its European and international positioning: the Scientific and Teaching Advisory Board (STAB).

The STAB must have at least 6 members and be composed of equal numbers of men and women. Its members are proposed by the Institute's Management and validated by the Institute Council.

The internationally renowned researchers and professors who have honoured us in agreeing to be part of the IPhU STAB are the following:

  • Fabienne Casoli, President of the Paris-PSL Observatory - France
    Former Deputy Director of the Innovation, Applications and Science Division at CNES - France
  • Françoise Combes, "Galaxies and Cosmology" Full Professor at Collège de France - France
    Member of the French Academy of Sciences - France
    Honorary Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society - UK
  • Eckard Elsen, Director for Research and Computing at CERN - Switzerland
    Professor at Hamburg University - Germany
  • Anne-Isabelle Etienvre, Director of the Institute of research into the fundamental laws of the Universe (Irfu) at CEA, and with University Paris-Saclay - France
  • Guido Martinelli, Professor of Theoretical Physics at La Sapienza University Roma - Italy
    Member of the CERN Scientific Policy Committee - Switzerland
    Member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - Italy
  • Teresa Montaruli, Full Professor at University of Geneva - Switzerland
    Chair of the European APPEC Consortium
  • Joseph Silk, Professor of Physics at Sorbonne University - France
    Homewood Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University - USA
    Fellow of the Royal Society - UK
  • Christian Stegmann, Director in charge of Astroparticle Physics at DESY - Germany
    Deputy-Chair of the European APPEC Consortium
Advisory Board