Research units and structures involved

The Marseille Rare Diseases Institute - MarMaRa is an interdisciplinary institute that brings together numerous academic partners, research institutes, associations and industry.

MarMaRa brings together academic, public and private partners from several fields: Life Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Optics. Their expertise and complementarity are an important input to implement the objectives of MarMaRa in training and research and help the institute to become an international reference.

MarMaRa Institute - Involved structures


Biology & Health

- UMR 1263 C2VN (CardioVascular & Nutrition Research Center)

- UMR 7258 CRCM (Marseille Cancer Research Center)

- UMR 7288 IBDM (Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille)

- UMR 1249 INMED (Mediterranean Neurobiology Institute)

- UMR 1251 MMG (Marseille Medical Genetics)

- UMR 1090 TAGC (Theories and Approaches of Genomic Complexity)

Mathematics & physics

- UMR 7249 FRESNEL Institute

- UMR 7373 I2M (Institute of Mathematics of Marseille)

- UMR 7342 IRPHE (Institute for Research on Out-of-Balance Phenomena)

- UMR 7031 LMA (Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory)

- UMR 7341 LP3 (Lasers, Plasmas and Photonic Processes)

Health & societies

- UMR 7268 ADES (Bio-cultural Anthropology, Law, Ethics and Health)

- EA 3279 CEReSS (Center for Studies & Research on Health Services & Quality of Life)

Components and Doctoral Schools

- Faculty of Science

- Faculties of Medical and Paramedical Sciences

- ED 353 Engineering Sciences

- ED184 Mathematics and Computer Science

- ED62 Life and Health Sciences

- ED352 Physics and Material Sciences

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