Research advisory board

In order to support governance in defining and monitoring its research strategy, the Research advisory board is a forum to help define the university's research strategy.

The aim of the Research Directory is to help Aix-Marseille University to forge and improve its strategy, in the short and medium term, in the field of research and innovation. It is made up of leading local and national research personalities and must present its work to the research commission at least once a year.

The Management Board makes proposals

To this end, the Executive Board meets with several leading figures in the field of research and innovation, from all disciplines combined. Through major themes, the Executive Board aims to enrich its thinking, compare and promote transversality in order to put the University's practices in perspective with other research and innovation systems practiced throughout the world in order to enable the University to anticipate advances and innovations in terms of research.

With the Scientific Steering Committee (COS)the Research Directory makes it possible to propose innovative scientific orientations based on scientific and technological watch and international expertise.


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