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Procédure d'inscription

Administrative Registration (AI) is when you pay your registration fee. This step is ESSENTIAL for :
- Obtain your school certificate and your student card to allow you to access the following services and activities: university library, CROUS, Service Universitaire d'Insertion et d'Orientation (SUIO), activities related to student life, sports activities, preventive medicine.
- Obtain your digital identifier to enable you to connect to the digital work environment (ENT) and access more than 30 services including: access to your grades, your timetable, your exam calendar, the online internship platform, the online course platform.
- Then complete your Pedagogical Registration (PI) to take the exams.

General registration procedure

Step 1 - Application / Pre-registration

You perform the prerequisites for administrative booking (Parcoursup, E-candidate, Studies in France...)


Pre-enrolment in 1st year of Higher Education (Licence, P.A.C.E.S, D.U.T, DEUST, DU, PEIP):

PROFILE 1: you are French or European "national of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), the Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra":

  • Holder of or preparing for a French or European baccalaureate, a European diploma giving access to higher education, a foreign diploma from outside the EU, an international baccalaureate,
  • Or already registered in the 1st year of a bachelor's degree at AMU or in another French higher education establishment and wish to reorient yourself towards another 1st year course (internal or external reorientation)

Pre-registration onParcoursup

PROFILE 2: you are a foreigner.

  • Holder of or preparing for a French or European baccalaureate,

Pre-registration on Parcoursup


  • Holder of a European diploma (excluding the French or European Baccalaureate), non-EU foreign degree or a international baccalaureateYou must apply for a Preliminary Admission Application (P.A.A.) between the 01/11/2019 and 17/01/2020 :

Modified DAP Calendar

- If you live in France : Green folder

- If you reside abroad in a country outside the Study in France procedure, consult the list of countries: white file

- If you reside abroad in a country covered by the procedure Etudes en France, consult the list of countries: you must do a dematerialized DAP via l'Espace Campus France: https://www."nompays"

All you need to know about the "TCF" Compulsory Language Test as part of the DAP: click here.

Pre-enrolment or re-enrolment in a training course other than the 1st year of Licence, P.A.C.E.S, D.U.T, DEUST, DU, PEIP

PROFILE 1 : you are French.e or European (European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), Swiss Confederation, Monaco or Andorra):

  • You come from another French or European university
  • Or You progress at AMU in a L2, L3, Selective Professional Licence or in a selective M1, M2

Login to the application E-candidate

PROFILE 2: you are a foreigner.


Students coming from another institution pursuing the same course of study and having the right of access are subject to the transfer procedure.

Some trainings are not on E-candidate.

In both cases, get closer to your schooling: school contacts.

Step 2 - Registration or administrative re-registration

Administrative registration (IA) is mandatory, whether you are a future student at AMU (bachelor, transfer in) or already at AMU (re-registration). It allows you to become a user of the university by paying tuition fees.

Whether your AI is done remotely (IA Web) or in person (at the school counter), you must:

  • Respect the mandatory registration periods from July 1, 2020 (except for new graduates, registration starts on July 8, 2020) and until the deadline indicated by your faculty, school or institute.
  • Acquire beforehand and online, the CVEC on the platform
  • Make an appointment with your school (either at the end of your IA web or by consulting your faculty, school or institute and provide the mandatory supporting documents requested).

Distance registration via the web is compulsory for new enrolments in DUT 1, Licence 1, PACES and PEIP 1 and re-enrolments in DUT 1 and 2, L1/L2/L3, PACES/DFG 2/DFG3/IFSI 2 and 3/Certificate of speech therapy, orthoptics and occupational therapy, PEIP 1/PEIP 2/Diploma of Engineering, Professional Licence/Master.

For other audiences, consult the website of your faculty, school or institute.

Candidates admitted via Etudes en France: your online administrative registration (IA Web) will be possible from 24/08/2020 at 2pm by clicking here. To find out the deadlines for registration in your course, we invite you to get closer to your schooling (above the list of contact details of the components).


Step 3 - Pedagogical registration (IP)

The pedagogical registration allows to be registered in the tutorial groups (TD) and to define the teaching choices which will be the subject of exams.

Attention: The registration calendar, specific to each course, can be consulted on the following website the site of the faculty, school or institute where you wish to register.

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