Projects and partners

Projets et partenaires

1. Future real estate projects

batiment saporta aix

Rehabilitation of the Maynier d'Oppède - Saporta building in Aix-en-Provence

In the heart of Aix-en-Provence, the operation consists in partially rehabilitating the frames, facades and carpentry of buildings classified as historic monuments

Architect: F. BOTTON

Delivered in 2019

batiment IAE aix

Restructuring of the IAE in Aix-Puyricard

The objective of this project is to partially restructure the existing main building in order to meet the image requirements and all the pedagogical and support functions required to maintain the IAE's level of excellence, by providing this structure with spaces that are in line with its needs in terms of training and student reception.

Architect: Atelier Santelli

Delivered in 2021

site jules isaac

Restructuring of the Jules Isaac site for the grouping of Institutions and Training in Aix-en-Provence

The restructuring of the Jules Isaac spaces will make it possible to accommodate the IUT Book Trade and Social Careers departments and to requalify the spaces allocated to the ESPE.

Architect: To come

Delivered in 2021

hall essai bio inspired

Construction of a Bio-Inspired Mechanical Design test hall on the Gaston Berger site in Aix-en-Provence

This project focuses on the design and simulation of bio-inspired links for motion transmission. To prototype these new bio-inspired links, the rapid prototyping machine of the Aix/INOVSYS Country Platform backed by the ISM will be used and moved to the rapid prototyping and testing hall.

Architect: Atelier Regis ROUDIL Architects

Delivered in 2019

site montperrin

Development of Science Teaching at the Montperrin site in Aix-en-Provence

The objective of this operation is to enable the deployment of Science Teaching in Aix-en-Provence and to create spaces for the Judicial Centre.

Delivered in 2022

pole formation recherche judiciaire

Creation of a judicial training and research centre in Aix-en-Provence

Creation of a judicial training and research centre in the city centre of Aix en Provence in the premises of the College of Preachers.

Architect: To come

Delivered in 2022


Creation of the Maison de la Recherche en Economie et Gestion (MEGA) in Aix-en-Provence

Grouping together of all the teams working on the "economic sciences and management" theme in a unifying place, benefiting from common meeting places and scientific dissemination.

Architect: CCD Architecture

Delivered in 2021


Renovation of the BELTRAM Building on the Arbois site in Aix-en-Provence

Renovation of the Beltram building located on the ZAC du petit Arbois in Aix-en-Provence, in order to accommodate the premises intended for the Master "Sciences de l'Environnement Terrestre" managed by Aix-Marseille University.


Delivered in 2019

cirene arbois

Construction of the Halle CIRENE on the Arbois site in Aix-en-Provence

Creation of a pilot plant dedicated to the eco-design of products containing nanomaterials, the development and development of clean processes in the fields of water and waste treatment, membrane separations and supercritical fluid processes.

Architect: To come

Delivered in 2019

eco campus

Creation of an eco-campus at the Faculty of Economics and Management on the Pauliane Site in Aix-en-Provence

The objective is to bring together all the research in economics and management and Aix-en-Provence training on a single site. The Pauliane site has been selected for seven operations related to the creation of the new eco-campus:

  • Development of the site's exterior (city of Aix en Provence)
  • Interior arrangements on the plot (AMU and CROUS)
  • MEGA Building (AMU)
  • Student accommodation (CROUS)
  • University Library (AMU)
  • Cafeteria (CROUS)

Delivered in 2021

espace recherche st jerome

Restructuring of the Research areas on the Marseille Nord Saint Jérôme site in Marseille

The objectives of this project are to bring research premises up to international standards in order to ensure working conditions that comply with health and safety standards and to support the spatial reorganisation of the PIIM laboratory in the TPR and to transfer an IMBE team currently based in St Charles.

Architect: To come

Delivered in 2021

cmi espaces chateau gombert

Upgrading of CMI spaces on the Marseille Nord site Château Gombert in Marseille

The objective of this project is to bring the Ecole Polytech, currently located on three sites, back to the Château Gombert and Luminy sites only, by strengthening the unity and coherence of the buildings devoted to the school on the Château Gombert site in order to balance the number of students on the two sites and to host, in the CMI building, the Open Electronic Publishing Centre (CLEO-OpenEdition).

Architect: To come

Delivered in 2022

art turbulences st charles

Arts "Turbulence" project on the Saint Charles site in Marseille

Rehabilitation of the "turbulence building" thus creating a cultural parenthesis between the city and the University thanks to the master's courses in cinema, cultural mediation and visual arts.

Architect: M+N Architects

Delivered in 2019

batiments 7 8 st charles

Requalification of buildings 7 and 8 on Campus Saint Charles in Marseille

The objective of this project is to adapt buildings 7 and 8 to the new uses associated with the grouping of laboratories and the sharing of teaching spaces.

Architect: I-LOT Architecture

Delivered in 2021

batiment 5 st charles

Front of Building 5 on Campus Saint Charles in Marseille

The objective of this project is to renovate the façades and replace the joinery of Building 5, which is a strong signal of the campus due to its location at the entrance to the city and its proximity to St Charles station.

Architect: M+N Architects

Delivered in 2020

technoforme luminy

TechnoForme on the Luminy site in Marseille

The future Technoforme will complement the research platform of the TechnoSport gymnasium with its equipment dedicated to recovery, rehabilitation and physical preparation. It will offer sports health professionals, physiotherapists and osteopaths, adapted equipment to help athletes recover by offering them care throughout the year thanks to a cryogenic space specially designed and designed for them. In terms of sporting activities, this equipment will allow the practice of indoor sports, such as weight training, cardio training and stretching.

Architect: M+N Architects

Delivered in 2019

batiment satis labo astram aubagne

Extension and restructuring of the SATIS department and ASTRAM laboratory buildings in Aubagne

Restructuring and securing of teaching and research spaces adapted to new audiovisual and interactive media techniques in Aubagne.

Architect: LAND Grouping

Delivered in 2020

2. The financial partners

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