A proactive European policy

With 110 projects accepted and 69.5M€ obtained within the framework of the H2020 programme, Aix-Marseille University is the 1st French university in the health programme and the 2nd in terms of grants obtained . In order to consolidate these excellent results, Aix-Marseille University is committed to an ambitious and proactive European policy.

1. Facilitating collaborations with Aix-Marseille University teams

Would you like to collaborate with a team from Aix Marseille University? Are you looking for scientific, technical, technological skills to participate in a European call for projects?

Various resources are at your disposal to help you identify technological platforms or most relevant research units.
You can also contact Nicolas GOCHGARIAN to be accompanied in your steps.

2. Supporting the participation of teams

Led by the Direction of Research and Development, the University's European policy aims to support teams in their participation in the European framework programme for research and innovation. Implemented with the assistance of the University's subsidiary, Protisvalor, and the AMU representative office in Brussels, the policy of the establishment is reflected in support at every stage of the teams of Aix-Marseille University:

- Detection, awareness-raising: DRV
- Networking: DRV/Brussels Office
- Engineering and project management: Protisvalor
- Representation to the European Commission: Brussels office

In addition to this structuring, in order to support participation in the Horizon Europe programme, the institution implements various structural and incentive measures: training, teaching service modulations and HR measures.

3. Increasing our success at ERC

In order to promote a site policy to support applications from teacher-researchers and researchers to the ERC (European Research Council) programmeAMU is leading theThe CERCle InitiativeEuropean Research Council Laureates' Club of the Aix-Marseille site in connection with the partners of the Aix-Marseille site.
As a true marker of scientific excellence, find the publications of our ERC laureates on HAL CERCle.

4. Participate in the European CIVIS Alliance

Since 2019 Aix-Marseille University is part of an alliance of 8 universities in Europe grouped together to form a real inter-university and multidisciplinary campus whose objective is to allow students, academics, researchers and staff to move and collaborate as freely as in their home institution.
Within the framework of the H2020 "SWAFS" call for projects, Aix-Marseille University has just won 2M€ for the "RIS4CIVIS" project. This project aims to structure a common research and innovation strategy for the CIVIS consortium by sharing infrastructures, good practices in human resources, open science and collaboration with socio-economic actors.

Horizon Europe